Shane Ultraman’s first week square desk is just huge

After just eight days in Japanese theaters, Hideaki Anno’s Shin Ultraman has sold over a million tickets, making the film a box office smash.

Evangelion Hideaki Ano’s movie Shane Ultraman It has had an impressive feat at the box office.

More than 1 million tickets have already been sold, according to the production company behind the film, TOHO. After only eight days in Japanese theaters, Shane Ultraman Earning more than 1.5 billion yen (about 12 million US dollars); As previously reported, the movie grossed 993 million yen (approximately $8 million) within its first three days of release alone, setting new records. Ultraman Franchising and Anno bronchus Film series.

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The Ultraman The franchise began with Eiji Tsuburaya’s live TV series of the same name in 1966. The character has gone on to become a global pop culture phenomenon, spawning decades of sequels, spin-offs, adaptations, and a huge marketing empire that includes clothing, toys, and games. Other types of collectibles.

Shane Ultraman Directed by Shinji Higuchi, who directed the two live shows The attack on the Giants Films, written by Anno, who also wrote and co-directed his predecessor Shane Godzilla. The movie stars Takumi Saitoh, who previously appeared in live-action adaptations of Yamato spaceship And ace lawyer, as “The Man Who Becomes Ultraman.” Other members of the cast include Hidetoshi Nishijima (driving my car), Daiki Arioka (Code Blue 3and Koji YamamotoKamen Rider Reiwa: The first generation).

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You will follow Anno Shane Ultraman With Shin Kamen Rider, which is expected to debut in 2023 and will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the classic superhero series. Actor Sōsuke Ikematsu, who previously appeared in 2016 Death Note: Light Up the New World, in the honorary role. Joined by Minami Hamabi (Let me eat your pancreas) and Tasuku Emoto (Anime supremacy!).

if or when Shane Ultraman You will receive an undisclosed international or North American version; However, tokusatsu fans outside Japan can still stream Netflix Ultraman Japanese comics. The series is a direct sequel to the 1966 show, and tells the story of Shinjiro Hayata, the son of the original. Ultraman protagonist Shin Hayata, and ignores the events of all subsequent continuations in the franchise. It is produced by IC production (ghost in bowl) and Sola Digital Arts (The Lord of the Rings: The Rohirrim War).

Netflix Ultraman The second season premiered earlier this year. It was recently announced that the anime will return for the third and final season, but the date of the first official show has not been confirmed.

Shane Ultraman It hits Japanese theaters on May 13.

Source: TOHO, via Anime News Network

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