Season 13 changes to Apex Legends storm point are not enough

The start of a new season for any live service game is always met with excitement, and Apex Legends no different. Saviors, the game’s newest season, has a huge addition by new legend, Newcastle. Along with its introduction come changes to the ranked system, various buffs and weapons, and of course new map updates.

Storm Point is where the look is changing this season. Introduced late last year in Season 11, it’s by far the biggest map in Apex Legends With multiple points of interest to explore. But while the map itself is huge, the changes made to Storm Point this season look a lot less than the map updates seen in previous seasons of Apex Legends.

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What’s new in Storm Point in Apex Legends

The biggest change in Storm Point is undoubtedly the new Downed Beast Point of Interest (POI) located on the western side of the map. The once-empty space between The Mill and the North Pad, this POI is filled with several one-story buildings scattered around the monster the legends defeated in the Saviors launch trailer. The monster itself has multiple entry points that lead to a number of elevated platforms with high-level loot, while players looking for good points can take the ropes to the top of the carcass.

The second smaller addition to Storm Point is the addition of four new IMC armories scattered around the map. Interacting with the panels inside generates waves of Specter NPC enemies, the trapped group’s mission is to survive for 60 seconds. Doing so gives survivors access to ‘Supply Baskets’ that guarantee their gear upgrades. The ease with which other teams can take advantage of the activated IMC’s armory makes these areas act as death traps, so it might be best to avoid them altogether.

Two changes don’t seem to be enough

Even if players count the weapon inventory in the IMC (which aren’t exactly important points but are map features), this makes the total number of changes to Storm Point two. For the new season, which is supposed to last three months, this is not enough. Taking a closer look at the POIs, the falling monster isn’t that interesting apart from the fact that it was once a living creature. The design features only two levels (the inner part of the monster and the upper part) that do not allow players to explore a large area, let alone adapt their strategies to the structure of the Downed Beast.

IMC repositories offer less in terms of unique design. Since these areas were made to house weapons and materials, the general structure of warehouses is small and cramped. This leaves very little room for players to move around and makes activating IMC weapons look like traps are set off (which it should be). The launchpad that allows players to respawn once they survive a Specters attack is great, but the exits are so limited that it’s advised to find loot somewhere safer. Since the IMC’s four armories are located in areas with little or no traffic, players who spoil the fight would rather avoid them altogether.

Previous Apex Legends seasons contained more map content

To set the record straight, Apex LegendsThe fourth season, Assimilation, saw more changes to the map. For starters, the skybox – which transformed World’s Edge from a sunny, bright spot to a place baked in the twilights – has been changed (the look also fits well with the Revenant’s intro). Two new POIs were introduced in the form of Planet Harvester and Survey Camp – the former being a uniquely designed site located in a central area while the latter created the now primary weapon racks. Not only that, but the splitting of the Capitol City into an East Fragment and Fragment West and cracks emerging around the entire map made the Edge of the World look like an entirely new playground for players to explore.

Changes in the Saviors map to Storm Point make players feel like they’re back in an old amusement park and only find some new attractions. Downed Beast and IMC are interesting, to say the least, but the point where players get tired and go back to their usual cycles comes much sooner than the map changes into the past. Apex Legends seasons. When the new additions can be learned within a few rides, there’s not much to look forward to when we return to Storm Point.

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