Samar’s story – Episode 9

As Eve narrowly slips through the sharp claws of the underground golf mafia, Birdy Suite He directs his gaze to another equally agonizing drama unfolding on the other side of the planet: the ambitious can who falls asleep by her alarm. This episode is, by necessity, a reset for the weird golf series, because now we have to move on to a completely different setting with new characters and new ambitions. In a sense, this is the show’s number one major danger—a sandy dawn gaping for a bunker that threatens to thwart all Birdy SuiteInsane momentum. To continue the metaphor of unbearable golf, the anime gracefully flies over and lands on the fairway, ready for the next hit to come.

It turns out that focusing the episode around Ichina was a smart move. We’ve seen a few cheeky looks at Raiou Girls Academy before, but we really needed someone to guide us (and Eve) through them, assuming we’ll spend most of the next arc here. to that end, Birdy Suite He does an elegant and economical job of fitting us in to the basics and laying the foundation for these characters. Ichina is a wagon in training whose ambitions outweigh her status (and her sleep schedule). Haruka is a hot-headed cocky with a chip on her shoulder and something to prove it. Kinue is a wonderful club president who is hampered by an arm injury. Amuro Ray is the man who owns the voice of Amuro Ray. These are all typical character schemes, but that familiarity breaks free Birdy Suite It takes some of the burden off the show and allows her to devote more time to what really matters: the awful game of golf.

Personally, I am very pleased that Ichina’s life plan is to attend a prestigious private golf academy for girls not to learn how to golf, but to become a world-class professional cart. My ignorance may appear here (I don’t know anything about the profession that was not covered in the documentary kadishak), because while I really have no idea how anyone would turn into a professional bandwagon, I don’t think shoeing is a major you could choose in college. Nor can I say that I have heard of a child who wanted nothing more than to grow up carrying a heavy bag in a sunny field all hours of the day. Kids usually want to be astronauts and stuff. This, however, is what makes Birdy Suite So much fun watching, which is why Ichina fits right in with the rest of this diverse crew of golf fanatics.

It makes Ichina’s interactions with Eve more fun, too. Here we have a student here who is serious about her study of the cans – and she is serious enough to criticize Amani’s decisions – and she combines herself with a golfer who barely admits there are more than three clubs you can use in organizational play. They are oil and water. However, the girls don’t seem to keep their hands off Eve, and Ichina is no exception, as she immediately falls over the cleats for the blonde bombshell and blue bullets. And since this arc would have Eve further sharpen her game in order to get close to the horrific levels hinted at by Golf Char, Ichina seems to be the perfect partner to guide her there. If Eve was able to get this far by brute force alone, imagine what a little tactical thinking would do for her.

Eve and Ichina are also responsible for my favorite scene in the entire episode, when Eve suddenly realizes that she can speak and understand Japanese perfectly. Every part of this conversation adds up to the gist Birdy Suite. This obviously has something to do with Eve’s mysterious amnesia, and more clearly, these are just relaxing narrative hand waves so that the rest of Sagittarius can move on without worrying about the language barrier. But the way this conversation unfolds is the climax Birdy Suite. It’s very fast and infinite, which is in perfect harmony with the subtle eccentricity of these characters. The average person may question acquiring instant fluency in a foreign language. However, since this has nothing to do with golf, these people simply don’t care enough to question him further. This is not stupid or lazy writing. This is a perfect world, and I’m not kidding. If the characters in the story have no reason to care about them, it doesn’t matter. For this Birdy Suite He has the biggest brain out of all the anime currently being streamed.

What matters, of course, is to psychologically push your opponent by hitting a small resin ball dipped in with all your might. And after all the illegal and roguetian shenanigans, it’s refreshing to see Eve bumping into an average golfer on a natural course again and totally destroying her. Not insisting on this point too much, but this only works because Birdy Suite You created a world that only lives and breathes golf, so rainbow rainbow techniques are not only unusual; They are infidels. Haruka is like an ant trying to understand Vegans Week. It’s not even a single rung to hold on to, let alone an entire ladder to climb. It’s funny and exciting to witness a bit, and I can’t wait to see the more amazing challenges Raiou Academy will surely throw at Eve’s feet next.

For now, the episode ends on a joyous note, with Eve and Aoi finally reunited and ready to exchange their vows on the 18th hole. Aoi’s love-filled dazedness and ruthless Eve’s embarrassment make for a very cute and funny combination. Golf girlfriends aren’t exactly what you call normal people, so neither of them really know what to do now that they’re actually together. Eve still thinks a lot too, with Klein, Lily and the adorable orphans never straying from her thoughts. It suffices to get someone to propose a naked sports showdown and then formally enroll in a prestigious private academy despite no educational history beyond an intense golf crucible overseen by a mysterious, scarred man. I’m sure he’ll be fine, though. if Birdy Suite Anything taught me, it’s that all things are possible if you hit the ball hard enough.

Classification: Equal

Cumulative score: -12

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