Roblox Demon Slayer RPG 2 Codes (June 2022) – How to get a free reset

Demon Slayer RPG 2 codes in Roblox can give you everything from breath reset to race reset and even Demon Arts, so here are all the Roblox Demon Slayer RPG 2 codes to redeem in June 2022.

With the popular anime and manga Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba) now launching its second season, the popularity of this Roblox-based game is bound to continue to grow. Each month, players will be able to redeem a number of different tokens that allow them to get special in-game perks.

For June 2022, here are the latest Demon Slayer RPG 2 codes redeemable in the game.

Updated June 2, 2022 to confirm code validity.


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Once redeemed, these codes in Roblox offer many useful perks.

Demon Slayer RPG 2 codes for roblox

there Currently 10 tokens are active for Demon Slayer RPG 2which can currently be redeemed as of June 2, 2022.

New codes will be released once the game reaches 52,000 subscribers, so be sure to check back weekly, as we’ll update you with any new codes here.

code prize
! SpideyFreeBreathingReset
Recovery to reset breathing
! SpideyFreeDemonArtReset Demonic Art Reset Replacement
! SpideyFreeEXPBoost Replace the value of EXP Boost
! SpideyFreeNichirinColorReset Nichirin Color Reset
! SpideyFreeRaceReset Refund to get a race reset
! April 2022FreeRaceReset Refund to get a race reset
! April2022FreeDemonArtReset Demonic Art Reset Replacement
! April 2022FreeBreathingReset Replacement for re-breathing
! April2022FreeNichirinColorReset Nichirin Color Reset
! April 2022FreeEXPBoost Replace the value of EXP Boost

How to redeem codes in Roblox

While it is very easy to redeem codes in Demon Slayer RPG 2, the process is different from most Roblox games. If you are confused about how to redeem these codes, following the instructions below should simplify the process:

  1. Go to Shindo’s official page and Click the big green button To start the game.
  2. Once you enter the game, Type your code in the chat box and press ‘Enters“.
  3. You will be prompted with a message that says,[code] Not true!Despite this, the code will still work.
  4. This is it! Your code will now be redeemed.

All Demon Slayer RPG 2 Tokens Expired in Roblox

Below is a list of all expired tokens along with the rewards they redeemed previously. As the above tokens expire, they will then be moved to this table:

code prize
! 42kSubsRaceRaceReset Race reset
! 42kSubsNichirin Color Reset Nichirin color reset
! 42kSubsEXPBoost Increase EXP
! 42kSubsDemonArt Reset Art Demon Reset
! 42kSubsBreathingReset.! 42kSubsBreathingReset Breathing reset
! 300 all likes
Race reset
! 300 all likes
Nichirin color reset
! 300klikes EXPBoost
Increase EXP
! 300klikes reset
Art Demon Reset
300 all likes
Breathing reset
! 100 milfsites Breathing reset
! 100milvisitsDemonArt Reset Art Reset
! 100milvisitsEXPBoost Increase EXP
! 100 milfsites Nichrin . Reset
! 100 milfsets Race reset
! 25kSubsBreathingReset.! Breathing reset
25kSubsDemonArt Reset Art Demon Reset
25kSubsEXPBoost Increase EXP
! 25kSubsNichironColor Reset Nichiron color reset
25k con sprint reset Race reset
! 32kSubsBreathingReset.! Breathing reset
! 32kSubsDemonArt Reset Art Demon Reset
! 32kSubsEXPBoost Increase EXP
! 32kSubsNichirin Color Reset
Nichirin . Reset
! 32kSubsRaceRaceReset Race reset
! 6000kfav re-breathing Breathing reset
! 600kfavDemonArt Reset Art Demon Reset
! 600kfavEXP Boost Increase EXP
! 600kfavNichironColor Reset Nichiron color reset
! 600kfav racing reset Race reset
! 75mil racing reset Race reset
! 75 miles Nichiron color reset
! 75milEXP Boost Increase EXP
! 75milDemonArt Reset Art Demon Reset
! 75mil breathing re Breathing reset
! OneYearAnniversaryDemonArtReset Art Demon Reset
! OneYearAnniversaryBreathingReset Breathing reset
! OneYearAnniversaryRaceReset Race reset
! OneYearAnniversaryEXPBoost Increase EXP
! OneYearAnniversaryRaceReset Race reset
! 200 kilos re-breathing Breathing reset
! 200K Racing Reset Race reset
! 200 Kilo Nichirin Nichiron color reset
! 200kEXP Boost Increase EXP
! 200 kilo Art Demon Reset
! 50 miles Nichiron color reset
! 50mil breathing re Breathing reset
! 50milDemonArt Reset Art Demon Reset
! 50mil Racing Reset Race reset
! Race reset
! 10kDemonArt Reset Art Demon Reset
! 10 kilo rebreath Breathing reset
! 10 Kilo Nichirin Nichiron color reset
! 10kEXP Boost Increase EXP
! dsrpg2100k race reset Race reset
! dsrpg2100k bda reset Art Demon Reset
! dsrpg2100k breathing reset Breathing reset
! dsrpg2100k expboost Increase EXP
! dsrpg2100k nichirincolor . reset Nichiron color reset

What Demon Slayer RPG 2 codes are used in Roblox?

These codes can be redeemed to give you a number of resets in Roblox, as can be seen from the tables above. Allow you to reset a file breathing styleAnd the color nichironand even occasional grants EXP boostsThese tokens can do a lot in going about customizing your character and also help you advance faster.

New codes have been added by the game developer frequently, so be sure to check back for the latest updates.

So there you have it – everything you need to know about the Demon Slayer RPG 2 codes in Roblox for June 2022.

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