Palworld dares to do what Pokemon won’t do

Pocketpair’s PalWorld may mimic the basic formula of the Pokémon series, but the game will do something that Pokémon titles can’t quite pull themselves off.

world of He seems ambitious Pokemon– Inspiring to dare to explore uncharted territory – Give Poémon guns. Pocketpair’s open world survival title features cute creatures called Pals, which are similar in design and concept to Pokémon. but, world ofThe latest trailer for the game clearly showed that Pocketpair is ready to explore a newer and more chaotic relationship between humans and their pet monsters.

world of By its nature it differs from the main line Pokemon Series because of the type of game. world of It is an open world multiplayer game with survival and crafting items. naturally, Pokemon Some of these items are in previous titles, and more recently Pokemon Legends: Arceus It was a semi-open world and Pokemon: scarlet and violet You will have a cooperative environment and even a larger environment to explore. PalWorld, on the contrary Looks like his whole monster with a new spin Pokemonstyle games.

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However, what really determines world of Away Pokemon – and what makes it so daring – is that friends will use weapons and fight against it. Both player and teammates use weapons to fight with each other and against each other in world of. This big change in Pokemon The formula creates a whole new dynamic between people and their pet world of This is funny and messy all at once. paying off Palworld’s The game demo from Summer Game Fest 2022’s Future Games Show is below:

How people and colleagues use guns in PalWorld

Palworld's new trailer shows more gameplay

The ways people and friends use weapons world of It is surprisingly different. As shown in the gameplay trailer, people use a variety of weapons (guns, rocket launchers, etc.) to fight against unruly and/or aggressive fellows. It seems that fighting with savage fellows has a similar function to weakening wild Pokémon before catching them in Pokemon string, like world of He has a hunting mechanic similar to Pokemon. However, in some cases, it seems that friends will always be aggressive and players must use their weapons to defend themselves. Other human characters in the game are also aggressive, like a clip in world ofThe gameplay trailer shows the player being held at gunpoint by an apparently evil team.

On the other hand, colleagues have a strange relationship with guns in world of. While some pals might find themselves on the wrong side of the barrel, lovable sheep pals won’t hesitate to use LMGs to battle a hoard of wolf-like fellows with the player. In addition, the bal derby looks like Apex LegendsNessie is attached to his body by the missile launch system. The most interesting thing is that some colleagues can be used as ammunition for the bazooka: Play Show Palworld It appears that the little blue fellows are very happy to shoot them from a rocket launcher and blow up any target they hit. While this may sound shocking for a Pokemoninspired title, world ofThe creative use of weapons along with his teammates will definitely make it a must-play game.

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