Isekai’s top 10 anime needs a new season

After the massive success that was sword art online, everyone wanted to mad at isekai. Fans never seem to get tired of them, so light-hearted novelists and manga creators alike have continued to create more and more stories about people who have been sent to another world. Related: 10 Isekai Anime That Are Better Than … Read more

How to play Fortnite on School Chromebook

Google Chromebooks are getting more and more popular in the school system due to their ease of use and accessibility for students of all ages. In some schools, students will receive a free Chromebook that they can use and even take home with them to complete assignments. Chromebooks have also been used during the pandemic … Read more

Valkyrie’s legacy is the most complex yet

Just like every gathering event before it, Apex LegendsThe ongoing awakening event brings changes in the battle royale hero shooter game. The beloved control mode returns, now with a new map set in World’s Lava Siphon. The Olympus map also has a new location via the Lifelife Clinic – an important city capture point that … Read more