Modern characters in Apex Legends look like variations of old characters

Every new season Apex Legends It gives players a lot to look forward to. New game modes, weapons, maps and legends bring something new, while updates to existing content bring new life to the familiar. The battle royale hero shooter game has been constantly changing since its first launch in February 2019 and it shows no signs of stopping thanks to the large player base and loyal fans.

Each season has seen its ups and downs, but lately, Apex LegendsThe new playable characters seem to be withdrawing from the old. It’s not about their background backgrounds, character designs, or voices, it’s about their in-game abilities. Character set is essential to determine playability, selection rate, and overall fun factor; So it should go without saying that it has to be unique. Individuality is important in a game with many playable characters Apex LegendsTaking many cues from other characters reduces the uniqueness of that particular myth.

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Apex Legends: Borrowing Something Old

It seems that the trend of legends sharing similar abilities has begun Apex LegendsEighteenth legend, Sir. All of Seer’s abilities borrow heavily from the Bloodhound’s abilities – one of the Apex LegendsPlayable virtual characters. Seer’s “focusing of attention” tactical ability reveals enemies through walls for him and his allies, just like Bloodhound’s Eye of the Allfather. Heart Seeker’s passive app gives it the approximate location of opponents thanks to their heartbeats – a tracking ability similar to Bloodhound’s Tracker passive, which allows them to track clues to locate an opponent.

The ultimate ability of the Seer Exhibit shows the location and shooting of all moving enemies in a specific area, providing an alternative to Bloodhound’s Beast of the Hunt – increasing the rate at which they can scan and allowing them to follow cold paths.

Seer is an example of a legend whose collection is inspired directly by another character. While the ways in which he uses his abilities are different, for the most part their effects are the same. This makes Seer’s abilities less distinct and more repetitive when compared to the Bloodhound’s toolkit. As an example, Seer’s focus creates a telltale cylindrical area of ​​effect prior to activation, compared to Bloodhound’s Eye of The Allfather which has no pointers. As a result of having similar abilities with clear counters, Seer’s pick rate is much lower than the Bloodhound’s pick rate.

Apex Legends: New doesn’t mean better

Other modern myths do not copy their ancestors as Ser does, but they do take cues from them. A recent take from Ash’s Phase Breach is straight from Wraith’s Dimensional Rift, although it comes out faster, doesn’t last as long, and is a one-way portal. Even the newly released Newcastle has multiple nods to different legends. Tactical Mobile Shield is a smaller, movable version of Gibraltar’s Dome of Protection Ultimate, while its Castle Wall is a stronger version of Rampart’s Amped Cover without Amped Clips. More Legends means more options to choose from, but it also means that some Legend abilities are bound to overlap.

This doesn’t mean Respawn Entertainment has run out of ideas. Valkyrie is a fine example of a unique legend whose abilities make her stand out from the rest of the world Apex Legends existing. With abilities that allowed her to soar, dazzle, and remake her team, she quickly became one of the most played legends, and even a prime choice for both casual and ranked play. On the other hand, there are characters like Mad Maggie – whose low selection rate can be attributed to their abilities that don’t get along well with others. Valkyrie and Mad Maggie are proof that players welcome legends with unique abilities, but they must be fun to play and bring something useful to the table in order for them to be widely accepted.

Inspiring mythology from previous characters is not wrong as long as their abilities play the role of that character. Seer’s abilities may seem striking when compared to those of the Bloodhound, but they are related to his tradition of using drones to locate his opponents. If Respawn Entertainment wants to create a legend whose abilities are widely enjoyed by the community, they must strike a balance between unique ability and utility. In this way, players are treated to a whole new experience when playing the new legend.

Apex Legends Available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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