Mesut Ozil plans to become an esports athlete after retirement

Mesut Ozil is one of the many athletes from around the world who have fallen in love with Fortnite Battle Royale. The video game has become so popular that it has gained attention from the sports world as well.

While it may be unusual for a footballer to be so good at video games, this is exactly the 33-year-old midfielder. Ozil has his own Twitch channel where players can watch his gameplay, and he’s been playing the game for a long time. According to his agent, Dr. Erkut Sogut, the former Arsenal star is very good at the game and could become an esports athlete.

“He’ll go more into esports and maybe become an esports athlete. He’s really good at Fortnite, and I think one day I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s competing.”

Ozil’s football career appears to be coming to an end, and given his status at Fenerbahce, he may be retiring very soon. It looks like he’s already made plans for his future, and it wouldn’t be surprising if he became a professional Fortnite player.

Mesut Ozil is very good at Fortnite Battle Royale

Mesut Ozil, the former Arsenal footballer, is thinking of being an esports professional when he retires “He will go more into esports, and maybe become an esports athlete. He is really good at Fortnite, and I think I wouldn’t be surprised one day if he competes,” his agent said.

Besides being a great soccer player and winning many awards, Mesut Ozil is very good at Fortnite Battle Royale. He is not only a regular player but has also played the game since its early seasons.

Mesut Ozil is so fond of Fortnite that some football fans believe that his health problems were due to playing the video game. One fan even counted the number of Fortnite games a footballer won in 2018 and concluded that he spent a lot of time sitting still.

The soccer player owns his own esports team, M10 Sports, and also has a game house in Germany. Not only does he love games, but he understands what it takes to be a competitive player.

Aside from his success on the football field, Ozil has had great success in Fortnite as well, winning over a thousand matches. His win rate makes him higher than millions of other players as well.

Ozil’s Fortnite competitive career may start very soon

Former Arsenal player Mesut Ozil, according to his agent, will retire from football after 11 years of great game industry, according to Ozil’s agent, he will go to Esports and is already good at Fortnite.# arsenal # break

Despite his amazing skills, Mesut Ozil hasn’t had much success on the football field lately. In 37 matches with Fenerbahce, Ozil scored nine goals. He has two more years left on his contract with the Turkish team, but his career may soon come to an end.

Ozil’s agent also commented on his football career:

“I think he won’t play football at any other club anymore. I can’t see that – it will be Fenerbahce, and that’s it.”

In a worst-case scenario, Mesut Ozil could focus on his competitive career in Fortnite in the summer of 2024. However, given the recent feuds and disagreements with the team, it wouldn’t be surprising if that happened a lot sooner.

Going from a footballer to an e-sportsman is an unusual option, but one that appears to be the right one for Ozil and his future.

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