Maverick tops the box office with $52 million on Friday

After three years of delays, two due to Covid, Skydance and Paramount’s Top Gun: Maverick Moviegoers were breathtaking total of $51.8 million on Friday. That includes $19.26 million in pre-release previews, a record for Paramount Weekend and Memorial Day, which still gave the $170 million old sequel a total of $31.94 million on Friday. That’s just shy of the biggest “Friday” total ever for a Memorial Day weekend opening, down from the $56 million opening day (including $13 million in previews) for Johnny Depp. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. Given the enthusiastic reviews of the film and its A+ Cinemascore score, I’ll bet it will finish on Monday above $153 million in Fri-Mon’s opening weekend of pirate 3. Tom Cruise smashes his personal best records and sets the milestones for Memorial Day weekend like 1996.

Before this weekend, Tom Cruise’s biggest opening weekend is out Mission: Impossible Franchise business ($62 million to Drops) and Steven Spielberg war of the worlds ($65 million on Fri-Sun’s part of Wed-Sun’s $100 million debut) was… $37 million for his first domestically in early 2013 from amnesia. As I noted on the film’s opening weekend and many times over the past nine years, Tom Cruise’s stardom peaked when $30 million was a big budget, $15 million was the start of a solid weekend and $200 million worldwide was a relentless success. . Likewise, this pertains to the current Memorial Day films, which is Harrison Ford’s biggest opener before Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull ($100 million Friday-Sunday / $150 million Thursday-Mon) in 2008 was… $37 million for the first time in air forces One in the summer of 1997.

It was a record R-rated opening break, which topped $36 million for the first time for Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt. Interview with a vampire (which set the record for a non-summer debut in November 1994). 26 years ago, Tom Cruise Mission: Impossible It opened with a total of $45 million from Fri-Sun (the fourth largest behind Batman Forever, Jurassic Park And the Batman Returns) then scored $75 million in six days over the weekend on Wednesday – Moon Memorial. 22 years ago Mission: Impossible II It opened with $58 million on the Fri-Sun segment (behind only lost world And the phantom danger) from his $92 million debut at Wed-Mon. Cruz has experience setting records at the box office, it’s been a while. Top Gun: Maverickwhich has $116.5 million worldwide to date, Plays like Biggie Cruz mid-’90s on steroids.

To answer the $170 million question that has been haunting me since 2018 (when this movie was initially filmed), yes, Pete “Maverick” Mitchell is definitely a standout on par with Ethan Hunt. Tom Cruise may have relatively limited bankability in a notable character/IP-driven era when it comes to playing a new or new to you character as Jack Reacher,” not James Bond in Knight and today or ‘that guy in edge of tomorrow. “However, he is still worth all the money when he plays the protagonist Top Gun: Maverick. Again, this is no different from the last years of Harrison Ford. He hasn’t been quite a beginner since then What lies beneath in 2000. However, put it in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull or Star Wars: The Force Awakens It is worth its weight in gold.

Of course, the film delivered – in one form or another – IMAX-worthy scenery, fun story rhythms for audiences and a generational nostalgia that garnered ratings closer to creed from Terminator: Dark Fate Not hurt. At its best, Josef Kosinski’s action drama blends the genre goodies from his science fiction film starring Cruise. amnesia With the emotional melodrama equal to the stunning Knockout Firefighter drama Only the brave. It mimics some of Tony Scott’s early visual styles while offering relative honesty (even when compared to a PG rating). Better) Four quarters are healthy. With a light summer roster dominated mostly by MCU heroes and children’s cartoons (along with dinosaurs), Top Gun: Maverick It is positioned, by default, as the adult event movie of the season.

if Top Gun: Maverick like legs fast and furious 6 ($117 million from $39 million on Friday) or Solo: A Star Wars Story ($103 million/$35 million), still coming in at over/under $154 million for the Friday-Monday weekend. If it is like legs pirate 3 or X-Men: The Last Stand ($122 million/$45 million), will end Monday with more than/under $142 million, both of which total from Fri-Sun $115 to $125 million. Best Legs Like Script The Lost World: Jurassic Park ($93 million / $24 million) and Aladdin ($117 million / $31 million) will push it to between $195 million and $200 million by Monday. Finally, Tom Cruise is on the cusp of $100 million plus a Fri-Sun weekend. Theater owners concerned about the viability of non-superhero tent poles are relieved. Paramount should be celebrating like in 2011 with their first over $100 million opener since 2014.

Walt Disney Opens 20th Century Studios Bob Burgers: The Movie to $5.7 million on Friday. It’s along with Top Gun 2 And the Minions: Rise of a puppy (July 1) is the latest postponed Covid 2020 issue on the calendar. Fox’s long-running TV show once again shows the value of relatively niche films such as Downton Abbey: New Age, Demon Slayer And the $$$$. “Fans” for these specific titles will appear even if they do not venture out into the transmission pool on a regular basis. We can expect a total of US$15.5M from Fri-Sun and US$19.05M in Holiday Friday-Mon for the first time in Bob Burger Movie. I don’t know the budget, but I’m guessing somewhere in between Teen Titans GO! to the cinema ($10 million) and The Simpsons movie ($75 million).

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