Leon is a better version of Mirai Platinum End

The following contains spoilers for Episode 8 of Trapped in a Dating Sim, “This Isn’t a Game,” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Trapped in a dating sim Isekai is an all-new anime series found in the Spring 2022 season lineup, starring star hero Leon Bartfort, who finds himself reborn in a sci-fi otome game after falling down a flight of stairs. Leon has no particular goal apart from just surviving, but he knows how to stand up for himself and get things done the same way.

In a way, this makes Leon similar to the pacifist protagonist of Platinum End, Kakehashi Mirai, who Leon shares some principles. Both heroes have openly stated that they do not want to harm or kill anyone, and simply desire to lead a peaceful, normal and happy life without discrimination. It’s a humble and laid-back lifestyle to follow, but Leon is the only one that makes it so compelling and interesting. Mirai must learn from him.

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The disadvantages of Kakehashi Mirai’s humble mission

in story Platinum EndProtagonist Kakehashi Mirai nearly committed suicide until the special rank Angel Nasse rescues him in exchange for entering a battle royal to decide the next deity, complete with angel wings and arrows for deadly combat. Mirai was clearly designed to be a regular and close hero in this context, and anime fans can’t fault him for being squeamish about taking other people’s lives. However, upon facing the likes of the deceitful Metropolitan or Professor Yoneda, who was aiming to destroy God, Mirai stumbled, and this was where he lost his fans.

Mirai was more than just a gentle hero who wanted to protect peace and happiness. He was a frustrated passive leader who refused to take any meaningful action against his opponents, squandered his chances of defeating extremely dangerous individuals, and instead forced Mukaido Nanato to finish the job at the cost of his life. Furthermore, Mirai had a gentle personality and no compelling goals or relationships to speak of, with his relationship with Hanakago Saki being symbolic at best, and uncomfortable at worst.

Furthermore, in the end, Mirai’s quest meant very little anyway because the new god destroyed himself and ended all life on Earth, including Mirai and Saki. In any given scene and especially in the long run, Mirai felt irrelevant and boring, doing practically nothing to shape the world around him. He was more like a narrator, like Nick Caraway in The great Gatsby, but without benefiting from the writings of F. The interesting Scott Fitzgerald.

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How Leon Bartfort became the best Kakahashi Mirai

In many ways, Leon Bartfort has proven to be a much more exciting and compelling anime hero than Mirai, even if it feels like Iskai’s genre has been played and Platinum End It was death noteInnovators in leadership. First of all, Leon replaces Mirai’s cute character with a sharp, witty, and evil anti-hero streak, which means he’s more proactive and has better dialogue than Mirai ever did. Antiheroes can be unpredictable and a lot of fun when written correctly, and Leon fits the bill. He wants to do good as a hero, but he’s also quick to respond if anyone teases him, and he’s glad Trapped in a dating sim Viewers with his cheerful ironic and reckless ways. He really knows how to lead the story, even if he admits to being a mob character in the background.

Leon can drive in mechanized suits of armor, take part in battles in the sky, and even take part in a school cultural festival and confidently beat the Queen herself, and the two become friends. Then, in Episode 8, Leon goes to war with the Sky Pirates when asked, impressing fans with his heroics despite declaring that he doesn’t want to kill anyone. Like Mireille, Leon does not want to take lives, and is happy to live a comfortable and ordinary life in the background while everyone else, like Angelica and Prince Julius, can attract attention.

Mirai will agree, but will lose his temper if he is asked to fight in giant robots or face sky pirates. Leon, on the other hand, loves beating his opponents into submission for the sake of his friends, and he knows how to move the story along in the process. Leon is a confident, sharp-tongued hero who knows that a quiet life is to be gained through action and heroism, not endless complaining and running away. That’s what really sets these boys apart, Issei or not.

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