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Trapped in a dating sim: The world of Otome games is tough for the mob Isekai is an all-new anime for the Spring 2022 season, set in a sci-fi-inspired otome game world where wealth, influence, and deceptive machinations are the norm. Protagonist Leon Barfort must use all his wits to survive as the third son of a nobleman.

While Trapped in a dating sim Not only reinventing the saturated isekai market, it masterfully blends several genres and charters to deliver a somewhat refreshing experience, all backed by a charming cast of lovable main characters and devious villains who stand in the way of Leon’s happiness. Who is in this competitive world of love, dating and giant robots? I’ve got you covered.

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Leon Barfort is the protagonist of the sharp-tongued Isaiky

In his original life in modern Japan, Leon spent days making his way through an otome game at the request of his younger sister, only to fall down a ladder and end up in that game as an underdog back character. Trapped in a dating simSimilar to its initial characters as Katrina Claes and Novumi Iwatani in One Society, a desperate loner must navigate an unbalanced society while recruiting friends and allies into a place where personal relationships mean everything.

Leon is far from defenseless; He has a small robotic friend named Luxion backing him up, and he can drive the giant mechanical Armor with great skill. Leon has a habit of disturbing the peace at his new, elite school, but he won’t just give in and take abuse from his more famous classmates. And while he has the stated goal of blending into the background to avoid trouble, he can’t help but plunge into the fiercest struggles of the otome game – especially regarding Prince Julius and schemer Stephanie Overy. He’s about to make waves and change the course of local history as a reluctant gang hero.

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Olivia is the homeless heroine of Otome

Otome’s original heroine was a young lady named Olivia, who came from a more humble background than her classmates of nobles and aristocrats. She was a scholarship student and, despite her modest stature, had a chance to fall in love with Prince Julius or one of his male friends to find her always happy – but all that changed when Leon was reborn into her world.

Now Olivia is content with being a side character, and she highly values ​​her friendships with both Leon and Angelica Redgrave. Olivia may be the shy type right now, but her true destiny is to become a magical girl named The Saint, and it’s up to Leon to help her realize her glorious destiny.

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Angelica Redgrave learned some humility

Angelica Redgrave came from a respected noble family Redgrave and was betrothed to Prince Julius. For a while she lived as an arrogant type – which is normal in her school – but her fiancé has other plans. Her relationship with Julius is superficial and based on family politics, and thus she eventually loses him to Mary. Soon, Angelica is forced to decide what is more important: family politics and arranged marriages, or her happiness and the pursuit of true friendship. You may learn some humility and choose the latter option.

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Mary wants everything

Mary is a petite schemer who aims to win the affection of Prince Julius and his team of friends – not for true love, but to live comfortably from their lavish lifestyle as members of the elite of society. However, she is more than Leon’s staunch enemy in Trapped in a dating sim – She is also his real-life sister who was somehow reborn in an otome game as well.

Unlike her brother, Mary loves the spotlight and makes everything about her, all so that she can surround herself with wealth and status as a wannabe princess. In a way she is the opposite of Angelica, and the two girls definitely don’t get along at all.

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Prince Julius and his friends fight for love

Prince Julius was once the primary love interest in an otome game, but now he’s a real headache for Leon and his small team of friends. Julius is also a loyal young man, interested more in true personal relationships than in superficial arranged marriages, hence his rejection of Angelica in favor of Mary, who made an actual effort to understand him. Julius is also an accomplished mechanical pilot who, after losing to Lyon, relinquishes his claim to the throne so that he can stay with Mary without having any further business with Angelica.

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Stephanie Overy After Olivia’s Blood

Angelica and Marie are not the only ones attending Trapped in a dating simElite School. There’s also Stephanie Overy, the daughter of a strong baron who enjoys throwing her weight. She’s a petty bully who secretly resents Olivia’s rise to prominence despite her humble background. Now Stephanie is so determined to plot against Leon and Olivia that she will force her classmate Carla Fo Wayne to arrange a sky pirate raid to destroy them.

leon marie gambling

Stuck in the Dating Game: How Reckless Gambling Set Leon and Mary Apart

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