Is Lisa Alive in Made in the Abyss?

Made in the Abyss season two It will be released during the summer anime season. With the success of Season 1, we couldn’t help but go back to the depths of the abyss and discuss one of its biggest mysteries. Is Lyza alive in Made in the abyss?

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Who is Lyza in Made in Abyss?

in Made in the abyss, Lyza is Rico’s mother. She is a white whistle submarine and one of the heroes of the Big Hole City. If you weren’t familiar, he achieved Bone White Whistle by advancing past the fifth layer of the abyss.

Lyza is referred to as the Lord of Annihilation. She is known for being extroverted and carefree, a heavy drinker who is quick to anger and is very honest about her feelings.

She is brave and daring, which explains her versatility as a white whistle. Also, I became a white whistle apprentice for the immovable Ozen.

Lisa, like Rico, has beautiful blonde hair. Every time the wind blows, her beautiful blonde hair with curly ends takes our breath away.

What happened to Lyza in Made in Abyss?

Lisa held her last plunge despite having a newborn baby. The last dive is a white whistle that dives into the sixth layer of the abyss.

She aims to discover the bottom of the abyss despite knowing and understanding the consequences of the curses.

Lyza’s documents are brought to the surface by the black whistle, Habo-san, before Riko and Reg descend into the abyss.

Ozen discovered these documents next to a tomb in the Sumud Flower Garden on the fourth tier of the abyss. Lyza’s documents have been discovered, as has her Blaze Reap pickaxe.

One of the written documents contains a note saying, “I’ll wait,” which served as Rico’s motive for venturing into the depths of the abyss with Reg, despite the objections of her best friend, Nat.

Does Reg know Lisa’s Made in the Abyss?

Reg’s relationship with Lyza in Made in the abyss is still unknown.

Reg suffered from amnesia that obscured his memories. As he escorts Riko into the depths of the abyss, his memory gradually returns, leaving him confused about the events connecting him with Lisa.

In a flash of memory, Reg is seen communicating with Lisa in the abyss. You give him instructions, including where to find the grave in the fourth layer of the abyss.

This leads him to believe that it was he who buried Lisa, despite the fact that the tomb is empty, according to Ozen.

Is Lisa Alive in Made in the Abyss?

At the time of writing, it is unknown if Lisa is still alive Made in the abyss.

Some people around Rico believe that Lisa died some time ago. This is because the White Whistle has resurfaced, allowing information about Lyza’s abilities and travels to be released.

On the other hand, Rico and Reg think the opposite. They are based on a written note that they believe was written by Lisa. Despite some initial misgivings, both Happo-san and Ozen think the same thing.

Ozen thinks Lisa is still alive because she discovered the tomb in the fourth layer of the abyss.

There is nothing but reaping fire in Lyza and notes in the tomb. She believes that Lisa has continued her journey and has created a weapon that is superior to her previous one.

When it comes to Lyza’s case, the animation community is divided. Some believe that she is still alive, while others believe that she is still alive.

According to one theory, Lyza died long ago. Before her death, she sent Reg to the surface to prevent Rico from descending into the abyss. She wants to prevent her daughter from experiencing the same tragedy as hers.

Some believe that Lisa is still alive and has been twisted into another layer of the abyss. They think Reg is the key to Rico’s arrival at Lyza at the bottom of the abyss.

There is also speculation that Lyza sits on the throne and reigns as the Lord of Annihilation at the bottom of the abyss. In short, Rico and Reg will have a happy ending. However, we all know how unpredictable the abyss is.

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