Is Apex Legends Dying? Is Apex still alive in 2022?

The history of Apex Legends is quite interesting, and it is an aspect that cannot be ignored when we ask: Are Apex Legends dying?. Apex was released at a very exciting time when Fortnite was at its height; It is a battle royale game that definitely dominated the genre with its cartoonish graphics, easy to pick up and play, and most importantly, it was free to play.

While there have been plenty of battle royale games that have tried to reverse what Fortnite was doing, doing all kinds of ads and inflating people for their release, there was one that stood out from the crowd, and that was Apex Legends. In 2019, Apex Legends came out of nowhere and immediately caught the attention of everyone who was looking forward to playing a more realistic looking battle royale game.

While Fortnite had a building mechanic, Apex had something unique at the time, and that was the option to play different characters with unique abilities; It was very much a battle royale in Overwatch, something that many people wanted. On top of that, it had amazing graphics and great controls, and the gunplay felt amazing too.

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Lots of streamers enjoyed the game, and it was one of the most viewed on Twitch for quite some time. However, after two months, the viewership has dwindled, and so has the incredibly large player base.

Is Apex Legends Dying?

Given that Apex Legends emerged in the midst of a moment when battle royale was the most popular genre, it should come as no surprise that it attracted a lot of gamers, at first, only to have the majority leave it just a few months after its launch. Is Apex dying? To answer this question, we must look at the most important metrics that can act as the deciding factor:

  • Number of Players
  • average viewership
  • Championships
  • refresh rate

Number of Players

Is Apex Legends dying is something players often ask when they tend to experience slightly longer wait times or when they see the same people in the lobbies. While we’ll cover all of the factors mentioned, the number of players is probably the most important. Because even if other factors are high, that does not make the game alive for those who want to play it.

Although the exact number of active players is not available, there are some sources that try to keep the best track of it. The problem with getting an accurate number of players is that Apex Legends can be played on multiple platforms, and even on PC, which is the main platform, there are different launchers for the game.

According to PlayerCount, the number of players playing Apex at the time of writing this article is 1,036,012 which is a huge number, but we don’t know if it’s accurate. The best way to find out the answer to the question “Is Apex dying?” It is if we look at the Steam charts.

Apex Player Count

On Steam, Apex Legends was released in November 2020, and it peaked for concurrent players 117,193. Of course, not everyone migrated to Steam from its original platform of Origin, so that’s not the best analogy. However, today, in May 2022, the concurrent peak actually hit an all-time high, with 41,183 concurrent players.

The release of Apex Season 13 seems to have piqued the interest of a lot of players, and according to player numbers from PlayerCount and Steam Charts, is Apex Legends dying? of course not. In fact, it appears to be bigger than ever.

average viewership

While having players in the game is a great sign of life when it comes to video games, watching on popular streaming platforms is another good indicator of how well a game is doing. After all, the game can be live, but if there is no interest in it for the sake of watching, it will end at some point.

Upon its release, Apex Legends achieved a whopping average viewership of 218,000 on Twitch. Four months later, viewership had dwindled to 16,500 viewers. Now, this was probably the first time players had asked themselves, “Is Apex dying”?

However, the viewership started to increase slowly, and at one point, it reached an average of 125,000 in 2021. Since then, the viewership has decreased and climbed from 60,000 to 90,000, surprisingly making it the most watched game in the battle royale category. Another sign that the game is still going strong!

Are there tournaments?


Even if there are gamers who enjoy playing and watching the game, people are bound to quit at some point if there is no esports for it in today’s video game era. Fortunately, there are plenty of Apex Legends tournaments on the horizon. The biggest is definitely the Apex Legends Global Series, with a prize pool of $2,000,000! With so many tournaments being played, there is also a huge interest in betting Apex Legends, which is especially exciting because of the type of game.

Does the game get regular updates?

Finally, we’re on our last factor; Even if it seems pretty clear that Apex Legends isn’t going anywhere, let’s talk about update frequency. For those who play the game, there have been two significant releases recently.

The Apex 13 season will probably be the least interesting, even if it offers some innovation in the competitive rating ladder, which many players are still getting used to. These changes ultimately make the game feel like a battle royale rather than a chaotic one where everyone butchers each other in the first minute of the game, which is a nice change! There is also a new champion, Newcastle, who brings a unique defensive play style.

Biggest update yet!

Of course, we save the best for last, and the final sign that will answer your big question is the dying Apex Legends, a fact that the game is now available on mobile devices.

That’s right, earlier in May Apex Legends Mobile was released, and the port is just as beautiful as the original. It plays it safe, and is sure to bring in a lot of new players. While it’s a separate world, which we can see from the fact that he already has a mobile-only exclusive character, Fade, those who have their first experience of Apex Legends on their phones will likely check out the game on their PC or console, which will make them They grow more.

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