How to complete the Supply Llama PlayStation event in Fortnite

Fortnite players can link their Epic and Playstation accounts to participate in the Supply Llama event and unlock rewards by surviving storm circuits.

Supply Llama PlayStation event at It is an electronic game Running until May 22, 2022. Players should expect the rewards to be bright and colorful with the llamas that feature heavily in their cartoonish facial expressions. While players do not need to play It is an electronic game On the PlayStation console to participate, they will need to be signed in to a Playstation account. To get started, players will first need to sign in to their PlayStation account on the PlayStation website. From there, players will need to log into their Epic account, or create an Epic account if they don’t already have one.

Once players have successfully logged into both accounts and linked them from their accounts It is an electronic game Epic account, they will be able to start collecting limited time rewards from the Supply Llama event. The event has a societal goal, and consists of three phases. For each stage, the community will need to collectively survive the storm circuits. For each of the three stages, each player can survive the storm circuits 25 times to contribute to the collective goal. The first stage of society requires 15 million storm circles to survive, and the second stage is 30 million storm circles. Finally, the third level requires players to survive a total of 42 million storm circuits. Players can track their progress in the Objectives and Rewards section of the event page.

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Players can survive in storm circuits in singles, doubles, triples, and teams modes Fortnite’s Battle Royale as well as Zero Build. When players enter the map for the first time, a storm will start around the edges and advance towards the center of the map. Accordingly, players will need to constantly move inward to avoid drifting. The greater challenge of avoiding the Storm Circle will require players to defend themselves from their opponents as the amount of available land continues to shrink. Players do not need to win the match to fulfill the requirements to survive the storm, but they do need to survive until the storm stops approaching.

Fortnite: Provide Llama Rewards

Fortnite Supply Llama Rewards

Phase 1 and survival rewards include 15 million storm circles set in It is an electronic gamePS4 Dynamic and a unique in-game loading screen featuring many colorful llamas. The PS4 Dynamic theme is mostly purple with the piñata llama prominently featured with purple and blue stripes. The reward for Phase Two and surviving 30 Million Storm Circles is a new cosmetic wrap called Fresh Iridescence and PlayStation Network-themed avatars. The shell looks metallic and silver with no overt design. Unlockable PlayStation incarnations of the second stage include Midas, a ghostly man in a suit with a scar on his face, a halo, a girl tattooed with a long braid and yellow hat, and a banana man named Billy N. It is an electronic game.

To purify the third and final stage, the It is an electronic game The community will earn additional PlayStation avatars and Mecha Team Glider, a cosmetic item featuring multiple characters and a purple-style background. Phase 3 includes a Wild Card avatar, a character in a white mask adorned with a red heart, Doggo, a fitting yellow dog figure, and a jelly-feeling character. In order to win prizes for each stage, players will need to survive at least one storm circuit in each stage.

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It is an electronic game Available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC.

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