How to complete the Loba teaser for Apex Legends Mobile

The latest Apex Legends Mobile event has arrived, and it’s definitely an exciting one. The Diamonds in the Snow event seems to spark the future addition of Loba to the roster of Apex Legends Mobile characters, which will make her the eleventh legend in the mobile game. This isn’t too surprising – Loba was briefly filmed in the background of the Apex Legends Mobile launch trailer, but wasn’t actually in the mobile game at launch.

Seasons (and battle tickets) are shorter in Apex Mobile than they are in standard Apex Legends, so many players were curious as to whether the next Legend to join the mobile game would be a pre-existing one or an entirely new character. This Luba-themed event seems to answer that question. Keep reading for tips on completing the Diamonds in Snow event as quickly – and painlessly – as possible.

The description of the event strongly refers to the arrival of a plunder-loving Luba.


Once you launch Apex Legends Mobile, you will likely hit the splash screen to announce the event. Navigate to the event page via the splash screen or by selecting the Season Event logo on the right side of the lobby screen, then selecting Diamonds in the Snow Event.

You will be told that to complete the event, you must collect three diamonds from the vaults on the edge of the world. Only one diamond can be collected each day, so be sure to plan your loot accordingly. Select Battle Royale mode from the main lobby screen and load it into the match. World’s Edge is currently the only map for Apex Legends Mobile, so you don’t have to worry about waiting for the map to rotate – you can jump right in.


While this event is simple in theory, it is more complex in practice. The following tips will help you cut diamonds successfully with minimal frustration.

Choose the right legend

Getting to a vault can be tricky, especially with others lurking nearby. We’ve found Bloodhound, Fade, Mirage, and Wraith to be the best legends to get the job done.


The vaults on the edge of the world are crawling with enemies now that the action is live, so having a pre-arranged squad to keep an eye on your back is very valuable. Make sure everyone on the team is aware of your looting plans.

Shooting cargo robots

This is non-negotiable – you can’t access any of the vaults on World’s Edge without getting a Vault key. The keys to the Vault are located in only two places: newly opened cargo bots, and death chests for players who looted one. Vault keys can be obtained no matter what color the Cargo Bot flashes when dropped, but please be aware that not every Cargo Bot will have a Vault Key inside. It can take a few tries, and dropping Cargo Bots can also attract unwanted attention, which is another good reason to have a whole team to support you.

open basement

Once you have the Vault Key, lock it in the nearest unopened vault (the vaults are marked on the map with lock icons). Make sure there are no enemies waiting near you to surprise you, then open the bunker. One of Loba’s black market waits inside; Climb up to it, chop up your daily diamond (and all the other nice loot out there), then escape…or keep ambushing unsuspecting enemies.

Once the match is complete, you will see the diamond in the post match summary, and one of the three diamonds on the event page will glow. While you can only grab one diamond per day, you’ll need three diamonds to complete the challenge, so be sure to repeat the daily vault robbery sequence two more times before the event ends.

Rewards for completing the Diamonds in Snow event.
Rewards for completing the Diamonds in Snow event.


Players who collect the 3 diamonds will get the following rewards:

  • 5,000 seasonal coins, used to buy exclusive cosmetics from the seasonal shop
  • Sweet 16 Volt SMG Rare Class Weapon Skin
  • What appears to be a Luba-inspired badge depicting a wolf’s head surrounded by diamonds

The Diamonds in the Snow event runs from June 5 to June 14, so players have plenty of time to hunt down diamonds before the event ends. However, these shipping bots can be a little frustrating, so you might want to get a head start.

Apex Legends Mobile is available for download on iOS and Android.

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