How does Fortnite score so many amazing crossovers?

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It’s a tense moment on the island. Far away inside an office building, Batman, John Wick, and Lara Croft all look at each other nervously, each wishing they’d sign up for Chug Splash to participate. On the street below, the Xenomorph nodded at LeBron James and Iron Man as the trio lit their flashlights. Somewhere far away, the faint sounds of “Gangnam Style” flutter over the rooftops…

Just a few years ago, the above sounded like crazy delusions, but it’s actually a typical match It is an electronic game. Over the years, Epic’s Battle Royale juggernaut has been known for the huge amount of IPs featured in the game, including some of the biggest names in entertainment on the planet.

The list is endless, although we’ve seen skins, items, and additions to the map from star WarsMarvel, DC, NFL, League of Legends, And the walking Dead. On top of that, there are eye-catching and time-limited events, such as the NBA celebrating its 75th anniversary with a pivotal basketball-shaped world filled with minigames, and in-game demos. beginning And The Dark Knightand extravagant in-game concerts for the likes of Ariana Grande and Travis Scott.

Ariana Grande’s Amazing Crack Tour

So how does all this work? Well, the most obvious answer is that Epic Games can offer IP owners a very attractive feature swap. Per month, It is an electronic game It has about 270 million active players, with more than half of them in the 18-24 age group. Getting eyeballs on what companies sell is priceless It is an electronic game One of the most valuable pieces of real estate marketing in the world.

This allows Epic Games to bend the rules about how characters are portrayed. For example, Superman wouldn’t rub shoulders with Spider-Man anywhere else. This could have been a double-edged sword, as eyebrows were raised at the sight of Batman famous for killing and gunning people blowing away with a gun. Then there was the questionable homage to Martin Luther King, Jr., where you can watch his famous “I Have a Dream” title while trying not to get distracted by the armies of Rick Sanchez clones of unwanted emotions.

The deadliest organism in the galaxy now has a gun

At this point, you’d be forgiven for wondering if Epic Games is paying companies to license its characters or vice versa. The exact details are a closely guarded company secret and will likely vary depending on the licensing deal, so some companies will likely take a percentage of each licensed skin sold while others will accept a flat fee for inclusion in the game. Similar deals will be made for events, although we suspect explicit in-game marketing like Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Revealing exclusive footage includes money being paid to Epic to reach its audience.

We got a rare peek into the inner workings of It is an electronic game.s money during last year’s legal battle between Epic Games and Apple. The disclosure process saw several confidential company documents released to the public, including a Powerpoint presentation showing how profitable the Epic collaboration could be. For example, during an NFL event, players purchased 3.3 million branded skins, with each selling for 1,500 V-Bucks each (about $15). This adds nearly $50 million in revenue to one set of decks.

The show also featured the highest profitable collaborations. The NFL was in third place, star Wars In second place, Marvel was in first place. While the bar chart did not provide exact numbers, the size of the bars indicates this star Wars It made about $55 million and Marvel about $75 million (in total, It is an electronic game It generates approximately $4-5 billion each year).

Few companies are able to leave so much potential revenue on the table when It is an electronic game The starring role comes, with one of the few obvious exceptions that Nintendo has rejected Epic’s attempts to license the Samus Aran skin for the ‘Gaming Legends’ series.

Cross Capcom “Street Fighter”

One other wrinkle in the tale is that Epic Games and the Walt Disney Corporation have a very intimate working relationship. In 2017, Epic was selected for the designer “Disney Accelerator” program (according to an Epic press release):

“Connect Disney portfolio companies with the creativity, imagination, and expertise of The Walt Disney Company by giving participants unprecedented access to Disney’s leadership, mentoring and support team.”

In addition, Disney is a minority shareholder in Epic and the two companies are more closely related to each other in many ways than It is an electronic game. For example, Epic’s Unreal Engine is used for the latest rides in the Disney parks and is widely used in film and television productions as part of the real-time CGI background “The Volume”. This likely means that if Epic or Disney wanted a particular look from the Mouse House’s massive IP pool in the game, all they needed to do was ask.

But can the good times last forever? It is an electronic gameTheir collaboration may not be slowing down (Scarlet Witch and RoboCop have just stepped onto the Battle Bus) but their player base is slowing down. At the launch of the Apple App Store in August 2020, it saw an overnight drop of 73 million players, and every month that drop saw a steady decline.

‘The Mandalorian’ x ‘Fortnite’

Things aren’t catastrophic – we’re talking about a million players dropping per month against a total of 270 million – but the numbers heading down aren’t great. Perhaps some of that is due to settling the surge in players during the COVID-19 lockdowns when many kids were stuck at home and had little to do other than in the ’90s. It does, however, tell us that my near-earth source on this (i.e. my ten-year-old nephew Reese) does not hesitate to state It is an electronic game “Dead game.”

It is an electronic game It may also soon find itself in competition as a “social platformer” with the Metaverse, and there will always be another major multiplayer game taking off in its wake. To this limit It is an electronic game He’s seen protesters like Remedy Apex LegendsBut one day her crown will inevitably fall.

Until then, the party won’t stop at Epic Games, with It is an electronic game It seems destined to swallow up the majority of the world’s most famous personalities. Now, when do we get the damn Peter Griffin skin they keep teasing?

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