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The all-new season of Apex Legends Mobile is called “Cold Snap”, bringing a new legend and more into the game. Below are the patch notes for Apex Legends Mobile Season 2.

Season 2 of Apex Legends Mobile is looking forward to bringing players some exciting new content after the successful launch.

While some may go on with the mobile-exclusive Legend Fade, a new Legend will arrive in Season 2, and some may already know who he is thanks to an in-game event and teaser.

With that being said, Respawn Entertainment has released the official patch notes for Season 2 of Apex Mobile, so let’s get into the details.

Apex Legends Mobile season 2 release date

Apex Legends Mobile Season 2 will be released in Jun 14, 2022 around 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET / June 15 1 AM GMT.

Upon release, players will have access to a host of new battle royale content and changes. Check out the full patch notes for the new season below.

Patch notes for Apex Legends Mobile Season 2

New legend: Luba

The second season of Apex Legends Mobile will see the release of Loba, a legend taken from the PC and console versions of the game.

Loba brings a unique supporting role to the Legend roster, offering a gameplay that revolves around loot. For more information on the new Apex Legends Mobile Season 2 Legend, check out our guide on Loba, including its capabilities and more.

City Capture: The Climatizer

Sudden Cold Legends Summit Edge of the World

The new season of Apex Mobile also brings some changes to World’s Edge, with the EA blog stating that “Winter Warfare” has taken over the map.

Now, starting with Season 2 of Apex Legends Mobile, Climatizer on World’s Edge will be “turned off and on during a match that covers parts of World’s Edge with snow!”

Furthermore, when you turn on the Climatizer and spread snow everywhere, “Check your map for Frosted Loot Chests”, which will give players “lukewarm rewards” like the new game Ice bomb that freezes enemies. Players will also be able to collect diamonds from frozen loot chests and enemy death chests to spend in the seasonal store.

New Limited Time Mode

While some leaks and rumors point to a return in Apex Legends for PC and consoles, Armed and Dangerous LTM will arrive in Apex Legends Mobile Season 2.

This LTM is for hunting and sniper rifles only, so make sure you get your shots because every bullet counts.

New Battle Card

Apex Legends Mobile Cool Early Arcade Battle

Of course, the new season brings with it a brand new Battle Pass. The Cold Snap Battle Pass 50 will bring a new level of rewards, as well as some changes.

First of all, the developers are showing their gratitude by giving players who have purchased Prime Time Premium or Premium Plus Battle Pass the following rewards:

  • 50 gold guild
  • 1 guild pack

These rewards can be found in the in-game mailbox.

The developers also mentioned that “800 Syndicate Gold will be supplemented with a Cold Snap Premium or Premium Plus Battle Pass.”

Fixes and improvements

The update also brings several bug fixes and improvements:

  • Improved Wraith’s core visuals
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to automatically adjust ammo pickup settings for Peacekeeper
  • Modify multiple replication spawn sites
  • Fixed several points on the edge of the world where players could get stuck or blocked on the ground.
  • Fixed an issue where Mirage players would experience a lag when ejecting a weapon after their ultimate ability was activated.
  • Fixed the slowdown effect of Fade’s ultimate ability if he left the game
  • Fixed incorrect Octanes of VO callouts when using his jump pad

That’s it for the Apex Legends Mobile Season 2 patch notes. For more information, check if you can use a controller to play Apex on mobile.

Image credits: Respawn Entertainment

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