Friday night: Four burning questions the Fortnite Season 2 event will answer (and two won’t)

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Fortnite Island gets under duress more often than Peely’s driving instructor, and with the potential for a Fortnite Season 2 event — due to the Imagined Order’s massive Doomsday rig — it’s safe to say things are about to come up once again. Fortnite live events are getting more and more exciting as the years go by, and after such a story-focused season, it looks like this upcoming event is going to be one of the biggest and most significant yet. Of course, this event will certainly introduce new mysteries to the big Fortnite universe, but it also looks set to answer some long-standing questions as well.

Then again, there are other things that I am sure this event won’t answer yet. Here are four questions that the Fortnite event will solve, plus a pair of others that are sure to put it off for at least another season.

Where was the form?

The last time we saw of The Paradigm, the long-lost mechanical pilot of The Seven, was flying away on Team Leader Mecha to an unknown destination. A new lobby background that now appears in-game shows that the mechanics have been rescued, at least in part, in a mysterious scene. Spoilers warning: According to the updated leaks, this site is a moon in the world of Fortnite. Not our Moon, but perhaps The Seven House—which would make exactly that island getaway, a waterfront beach house for the Heroes Group. (spoilers end)

It looks like we’ll find out that The Paradigm has been ostracized by The Origin, who felt she had betrayed the group according to story threads already seen this season, and was staying in that mysterious landscape. The event itself may confirm this doubt and, with any luck, give us more details about what this outside world might look like.

Do the seven really work together?

It seems easy to lose faith in Origin, as we now know The Paradigm discovered first-hand in Chapter 1, Season 9. But the group felt broken all season. The Imagined has been on her own agenda, seemingly bent on learning more about her mysterious past, which she cannot remember herself. She has recruited, or may have received unsolicited help from, her twin sister, The Order, who appears to have successfully extracted The Imagined data file from the IO servers. But will the sisters’ infiltration cause an additional rift in The Seven?

Origin doesn’t seem to like it when his allies act unexpectedly or unilaterally, and even if he forgives the sisters for their cryptic routine, what big secret might they find, and how will it affect the group’s cohesion in the future? Lately, The Seven has felt more like The Four or Five, but to bring down IO, they will all need to move towards the same goal. I expect to see them come together and save the day as a full unit for the first time in the game.

Origin’s trust is hard to earn and easy to lose.

What is a collider?

If you jumped into Fortnite this week, you’ve probably noticed the Collider just north of the Tilted Towers. It’s hard to miss, as it is a giant, constantly making strange sounds, sometimes pulsing with strange glowing energy. This is IO’s Doomsday device that we’ve been hearing a lot about, but we still don’t quite know what IO’s plans are for it. Undoubtedly, this device will be a factor in the final event in a major way, so there is no doubt that we will see what or what Yes it is.

What I’m most curious about is whether it’s actually the same device as Midas’ alien tidal wave generator seen back in Chapter 2, Season 2. As far as we know, Midas is the leader of GHOST, a special operations unit within IO. who – which should I mean, he was acting on behalf of IO when he first lifted his device, which was proven to be defective, in Chapter 2, Season 2, but is this new device, which shares some visual similarities but looks completely different, the same?

One reason to suspect their relationship, and the Midas device may have been a prototype, is that the Midas device tampered with the storm and the waters around the island. In the game this week, the impactor appears to be sucking up water from nearby riverbeds. This machine may continue to drain the water until the island has no inland bodies of water left. Is this the hydroelectric cost of activating this new machine, or is it calibrated to use water as a power source, perhaps only this time IO gets it right? I expect that everything the collider does will reveal whether or not we should think of these devices as the same things.

Why is Billy taking driving lessons?

It’s not nearly as important as the set of existential threats that perpetually roam on and around the island, but one fan of the subplot that’s followed this season is Billy’s poor effort to learn to drive. Over the past several weeks, anthropomorphic bananas have been found on wrecked vehicles across the island. Dialogue tells us he struggles to get the hang of being behind the wheel, but is this story a funny sideshow, or will Peely be running an important vehicle in the event?

If Billy appears at the event, look up to him perhaps until he finally masters the art of directing. If he didn’t show up at all, it’s safe to say that this was just a silly distraction – or maybe it was in a hole somewhere.

Some big Fortnite fans think they’ve figured it out. Talking to Ben Walker From Top5Gaming on YouTube, he tells me there’s a good chance that what we’re actually seeing is the return of Truckasaurus, a landmark from the game last seen in Chapter 2, which was essentially a Voltron-like machine made of smashed vehicles together. Billy may be more skilled at driving than we thought, and his crash looks a lot like…a weird way of building things.

Who is Gino?

In the past few seasons, we’ve been able to meet a lot of the people behind the names we’ve been hearing for a while in Fortnite. The Seven, The Last Reality, The Sisters, and Others are just some of these revelations. But we still haven’t met Gino, who was first mentioned at the beginning of Chapter 2, Season 6 when the name of the organization dropped this enigmatic character.

Today’s Geno identity is one of the biggest lingering puzzles in the game, but that’s why I don’t expect we’ll see it roll just yet. I expect this to continue into the fourth quarter, which is now expected to begin in the late fall of 2023.

The Seven pushed IO out of all the battlefronts, but was it all a distraction so IO could build the Collider?
The Seven pushed IO out of all the battlefronts, but was it all a distraction so IO could build the Collider?

Some fans have speculated that Gino is the true leader of IO, the father of the sisters, or maybe even the Storm itself. Fortnite is so unpredictable that even all of these things can be true and most fans wouldn’t dare. In any case, don’t expect this question to be answered at the end of this season.

How did Sloan disrupt the building?

One of Chapter 3’s greatest oddities is the revelation that the game’s building mechanics are mentioned in the story. This is so true that Slone was able to deactivate the building mechanics in an attempt to leave Loopers more vulnerable as IO regained strength on the island. Epic is no stranger to justifying the universe’s reasons for what it shouldn’t be more than game mechanics – remember that the ‘episode’ itself is an excuse to play the Fortnite rounds and rounds.

So it was weird when Slone shut down the building with the click of a button while the resistance struggled to get it back over the next two weeks. When will Epic explain how this works in-universe? Maybe never, but at least not soon, I think. It doesn’t seem to have room in a really full epilogue which will likely include the return of The Paradigm and Mecha Team Leader, as well as possibly a particle collider to destroy space rocks. *checks watch* Yes, it’s time for Fortnite to get weird again.

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