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Green Elf skin is about to leave the shop! Don’t miss the chance to dress up the infamous Spider-Man!

Epic Games has done many collaborations with many franchises that have resulted in some of the best character skins making their way into the game.

Players have seen hundreds of crosses come and go in the Fortnite Item Shop. The game has done some collaborations with popular titles or franchises such as Star Wars, God of War, Naruto and Riot’s Netflix Series Arcane. With Spiderman No Way Home turning into a popular Marvel movie and growing in popularity, Epic Games has made its move to cross the Spiderverse and Fortnite.

What is Fortnite?

Fortnite is an online battle royale game developed by Epic Games. The game sees players with Fortnite accounts drop on a big island where they will survive. Like most Battle Kings, players will have to scavenge, loot and kill other players until they are the last man or last team standing. What distinguishes Fortnite from other games in this genre is that Fornite has a building element where players can build walls, stairs, or roofs during battle. These structures can act as ramps to reach higher ground or as shields to block incoming enemy shots.

Unlike BR games, Fortnite has cartoonish graphics that some find goofy. However, this did not stop the game from being one of the number one Battle Royale games for many years. Fortnite has one of the largest active player bases in this genre which can be attributed to its unique gameplay and various tricks like co-ops and events.

Green puck skin

Fortnite is known for making crossovers with many franchises such as other games, TV series, movies, and anime shows. Some of the most popular co-ops include Kratos from God of War, all 7 members of Team 7 from the popular Naruto anime, and Mando from The Mandalorian. Some crossovers usually occur as promotional events for other perks. Good examples of promotional crossovers are the Star Wars New Saga collaboration where players were able to use the lightsaber and the Arcane x Fortnite collaboration that made the Jinx skin available for purchase.

Epic Games introduced Green Goblin as the latest Marvel-inspired look to bring the game’s crossover character roster. Spiderman and Venom actually appeared in the game last month as one of the promotional characters for Spiderman No Way Home. It appears that the film’s growing popularity has prompted the game studio to introduce alter-ego Norman Osborne to the game’s growing list of Marvel-inspired skins.

The Green Goblin skin will be based on the appearance of the villain in the comics rather than the appearance in the movie. The costume will use the light green and dark purple shade of the shield while masking the face with a puck mask. Besides the skin, the Goblin pack will also include several villainous features. Here is the current list of things included in the collaboration:

  • The return of the pumpkin bomb
  • Arm the pumpkin! Emote
  • Glider puck
  • Pumpkin p’Axe
  • Attack on the imp loading screen

Backlit and leather are bundled together with purchase. Meanwhile, Emote, Glider, and P’axe are sold separately from the outfit, so players aiming for the full Green Goblin outfit will have to spend extra money on them unless they buy the whole package. The download screen is exclusive to those who have purchased the full package.

How much is each individual item and the whole package?

The Green Elf costume plus the Pumpkin Bomb will cost $1,500. Goblin Glider and Pumpkin P’axe will cost 800 V-bucks individually while Arm the Pumpkin costs! Emote will cost about 200 V-bucks. For players looking to buy everything, it is better to buy the whole package as it costs 2100 V-bucks which will save players 2200 V-bucks.

How long will the Green Goblin items and package last?

The Goblin skin and accessories are set to leave the Item Shop soon to make way for other upcoming skins. There is no confirmed date yet when it will be removed from the store. However, players can assume that it will be removed from the shelf a few days before the next crosshairs skins appear. For players looking to imitate the famous archenemy Spiderman, they must purchase the bundle before it disappears from the store.

Epic Games has no intention of stopping with its waves of cooperation. Players can safely assume that the Fortnite Item Shop will never run out of skins from other perks. For now, players should focus on saving and buying the skins that are currently available. Spiderverse fans should definitely try to get the Green Goblin skin while in the shop. Who knows how long it will take for him to come back?

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