Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War #1 review

A little over a year ago, fortnite DC Comics has teamed up with Christos Gage-penned Batman / Fortnite: Ground Zero. Now, Gage has joined forces with Marvel and Epic Games Chief Creative Officer Donald Mustard to co-write the multilateral Battle of the Century, Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War. Joining the highly talented artist Segio Dvila, the crossover event involves high stakes, familiar characters, and some truly epic battles.

If you have read Zero Point, it will help you to call some of the main players as well as the general plot of fortnite Before getting into this comic. Not having knowledge of fortnite It probably doesn’t help, but thankfully this first issue is full of editors’ notes reminding us of the major players and how it all works. This element is useful, but it could hurt the flow of the story because things are going in full swing.

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This is because there is a lot of explanation necessary to attract readers. Obviously, the creators knew the reader would know who Wolverine and Spider-Man are (while opening this issue), but just about everything, whether it’s Fortnite characters or why any of this happened, requires heaps of fairly detailed explanation. The creative team does a good enough job of getting us into how many of these factors are, including how a few of these characters appear in the fortnite The universe a year or two ago, and how the energy source works.

Unfortunately, the main villain is a mystery even to bad guys, and it can make things seem a bit mysterious. It won’t be too confusing once you leave this book, but you’ll likely find yourself not sure why we care about this story at all. The familiar Marvel villain adds a little extra intrigue, making it a nice ramp.

But why we should care about it seems muddled. This is partly because there are low risks outside the “save everything” realm. Motivations toward the characters seem limited at best, too. Spider-Man is in combat because of his tender heart and desire to help those in need. Meanwhile, the draw for Wolverine is to put up a good fight (at least that’s over the brand). This pales in comparison to DC/fortnite A crossover, where Batman had more stakes in the game because he wanted to save Catwoman. That earlier story also entered his astonished detective mind. Despite this, our heroes seem to throw themselves headlong into a fight just because.

Davíla’s art is good here, with a solid costume design and easy-to-follow movement through the visuals. Edgar Delgado backs it up with color, making Galactus look amazing while honoring the fun of the first Spider-Man cover in amazing fantasy. However, the art has to handle a lot of dialogue in most scenes, with the work feeling like quick nuggets between all the side notes and shadows. He appears prominently in art on the last two pages that include a main villain – Davíla captures the interior of this character’s domain very well and sets it up with little doodads and detail similar to how most artists play with Batman’s Cave.

Younger readers who love fortnite Likely to have fun Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War #1 more than the average comics fan, especially considering the fact that every issue comes with codes to earn swag in the game. However, the story is packed with a lot of exposition, making it feel like an epic comic more like some weird instruction manuals. Because of that, the story and the entertainment value are ultimately affected.

'Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War' #1 has a lot of explaining to do

Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War #1

Younger readers who love Fortnite are more likely to enjoy Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War #1 than fans of casual comics with the help of the fact that each issue comes with codes to get swag in the game. However, the story is packed with so much exposition that it makes it feel less like an epic comedy and more like explaining every little thing. As a result, the story and entertainment value were affected.

The cliffhanger is an interesting development

In general, art is good even though it deals with a lot of word balloons

About 80% of this book is exposition and explanation

There is no appearance in the game for any of these heroes

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