Fortnite viral moment with Philadelphia 76ers logo takes out many fans

Fortnite is a popular third-person shooter in the Battle Royale genre. It features several basic modes, namely Creative Mode, No Build, Save The World and the original Battle Royale. So, there is something for everyone. However, Fortnite can quickly become competitive as you progress through the lower ranks. In fact, there are several ways in which you can showcase your experience in the game.


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Rivalry and casual are two sides of the same coin, Coin is a shooter video games. It depends on how the fan or player wants to experience it. However, multiplayer video games are often more competitive than regular games. We always feel the need to prove our skills in front of our teammates. Results? The video game content creation industry is booming!

Fortnite is definitely a huge part of today’s stream of content, with streamers and creators from all over the world showing off pro gameplay, cheats, flicks, and more. For example, a rival Fortnite player named, “Walker”, He recently posted a video of him performing a “sweaty” trick on Twitter. Unexpectedly, the tweet went viral with over 5.4 million views, as of writing.


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What is the trick in Fortnite?

As we explained before, the competitive aspect of Fortnite has resulted in a proliferation of many talented young athletes who are able to perform incredible stunts in the game. The trick is a popular trick that athletes and content creators love to reproduce and practice over and over again. It basically needs a player to kill an enemy in a “supernatural” way.

Players usually practice their shots in Creative Mode in Fortnite, where they can take advantage of many customizations. Some famous stream creators have even built public Fortnite Creative worlds for their fans to practice and follow their tips and tricks.

Take a look at the “sweaty” cherry shot, which has gone viral. His character also flaunted his famous Philadelphia 76ers.

“Sweaty” is a term reserved for Fortnite players who like to deploy unnecessary complex moves on their enemies to kill them impressively. Basically, they can kill the player naturally with a gun standing on the ground. But instead, they choose to build huge but impressive structures very quickly to destroy and then kill their enemies.

Twitter reacts to Walkerrz hoax shot

Walker offered his shot, but the internet was quick to dismiss his talent because she was “unnecessarily sweaty”. However, the video got a lot of likes and views. In addition to the unprecedented hate, a number of competitors also left “I’m better than you” comments on his post.

It’s interesting to note that Walker posted the video to share his best clip with his followers. However, things did not go as expected.

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On top of that, he also received a lot of negative comments from people who don’t appreciate the sweaty stunts in Fortnite.

Maybe you broke the keyboard and mouse!

At least some support.


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What do you think of Walkerrz’s exciting Fortnite game? Do you think it was unnecessary? Let us know in the comments below.

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