Fortnite Update 3.60 Patch Notes for version 21.10 today (June 21)

.’s first major content update fortnite Chapter 3 of Season 3 arrives on June 21 with patch v21.10, which is expected to include loads of fixes, new skins, and more.

whether you play fortnite As for Battle Royale, Save The World, or Creative Mode, the latest update aims to provide something for everyone. One of the biggest additions to today’s update comes in the form of the new Darth Vader Boss on the island, as well as the second Naruto collaboration.

If you’re eager to learn more, check out the official details for June 21 fortnite Update below.


Fortnite Update v21.10 published on Tuesday, June 21

Below you will find the official patch notes for June 21 fortnite Battle Royale update, for details on the changes made to Creative Mode and Save The World visit the official Epic Games website.

With the Battle Royale v21.10 update, unlock new Battle Pass outfit styles from Chapter 3 Season 3, talk about new skins, show off your unique fighting style with Darth Vader Lightsaber!

darth vader light – be a force to be reckoned with

Darth Vader began his campaign to the island, landing at a specific location in each match accompanied by the Stormtroopers. Defeat Darth Vader and collect the lightsaber he dropped! with Darth Vader’s lightsaberFend off incoming fire, throw it bounce back at enemies, and of course, swing it at those who get in your way.

Join the Stormtroopers, I-11 Blasters You have made a comeback! Find E-11 Blasters in Imperial chests At Vader’s landing sites, and also from the Stormtroopers that you eliminate.

Chapter 3 Season 3 Super Modes

You have an aura about you. In the Bonus Rewards section of the Battle Pass tab, Season 3 Chapter 3 Outfits Reward Styles were available to players who progressed beyond level 100. With version 21.10, Ultra Level Styles have been added for this season! Advance past level 140 in Chapter 3 Season 3 and start unlocking platinum crackAnd the lapis lazuli slurpeAnd the Oric Please Patterns for Malik, Evie, Adera, Sabina and Stormfarer.

Social tags + looking forward to the party

Express how you play Fortnite! With the new option to add social tags To your profile, select up to three for other players to see. You can choose the tags that express your favourites Patterns of play) (2 vs 2, Deathrun, Free For All, etc.), your gameplay percussion instrument) (cooling, microphone off, microphone on, etc.) and your favorite competitor Efficacy (Cosmetic Cup, Hype Cup, Lightning Cup, etc.). Fortnite experiences will also be recommended based on your social scores.

To add social tags to your profile, click your profile icon in the sidebar, then select + add tag. Once you have at least one social tag, you will be able to send party invites and receive party invites from players with matching tags (who are in the server area). These party invitations can be sent from new Looking for a party section in the sidebar. This section is Fortnite’s very own LFG (looking for a group) where you can group based on interests and region.

In this section, you will need to turn on the party search to start sending and receiving invites from players. You can turn off Party Search at any time. When turned off, you will stop receiving invitations and sent invitations will expire. When playing Duos, Trios, Squads, etc., the use of Looking For Party is optional – and the normal party invite system will still be in place.

Social tags and Looking For Party are features currently under testing. These features will be rolled out gradually to all players at a rate based on the test.

The reality of seedling balance change

We’ve made adjustments to the amount of realistic fruit a reality seedling can grow based on its rarity. In each growth cycle, Reality seedlings will now grow:

  • 3 fruits when they are uncommon or rare
  • 2 fruits when epic
  • 1 fruit when it is legendary or legendary

Visual audio adjustment

We’ve reduced the detection radius of the Sound Effects Visualization indicator for steps, boxes, and vehicles to better match the distance when that sound is audible. This means that the source of these sounds must be closer before they appear on your HUD screen.

Competitive Notes

Chief Darth Vader, Darth Vader, Lightsaber, Stormtroopers and E-11 Blasters were not included in the competitive playlists.

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