Fortnite Snap Quests – Where to find all Tover Codes and unlock all cosmetics

Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3 brings back the fan-favorite feature of the Fortnite Battle pass: a customizable character. This season, it’s Snap, an action character that you can unlock on the first page of a battle pass. There are plenty of Snap missions to complete once you unlock nine Battle Stars, and these Snap Missions will allow you to customize your hero with a different head, arm, torso and leg for your action character. Here’s everything you need to know about Snap Tasks and where to find all Tokens.

Fortnite Snap Quests

There are currently 13 Snap quests in the game, and completing each of them requires finding three Tokens tokens for each. The search language tells you where to look for tokens, and it will show the drop in the correct area on your mini map. But until then, Tokens for Tokens can be hard to find because these map tokens can be somewhat obscure. We’ll guide you on how to find all 39 Tokens divided into groups of three in 13 different locations.