Erika and Sashi embody the best theme in the anime

a couple of cuckoo It is one of many delightful anime rom-com series found in the Spring 2022 season, and it explores themes very different from Kaguya-sama: Love is War or Aharen-San Unpacked. While that, a couple of cuckoo It is all about the value and true meaning of family.

Many anime show that a “family” can be anything from a traditional nuclear family to an existing family like the Three Forgers to the child exchange scenario found in a couple of cuckooHence the name of the series. Recent episodes have helped push this inspiring topic to the fore, especially regarding sisters Erica and Sashi, and Neji is here to help.

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How Erika & Sachi redefined the real family in Episode 5

The events of Episode 5 depict Neji doing his best to bring his foster sister Sachi and his new fiancée, spoiled Dirider Amano Erika, together as a family. In that episode, Neji decides to invite Sachi to his house and Erika’s makeshift home to make her feel more welcome and prove that she’s not a third wheel or an unwanted intruder. Sachi was struggling with insecurities about all this, fearing she would lose her beloved brother to another girl, so Nagy showed his tender side and reunited the biological sisters. Moreover, Sachi and Erika are more alike than they initially thought.

In the fifth episode, Naji chooses the power of food to break the ice between the sisters, and after some false starts, she succeeds. Both Sachi and Erika had their problems while trying to prepare dinner, but they learned to live and help each other, especially with Nagi to mediate, and in the end, Sachi and Erika felt like they were really close. They have more than one thing in common between Neji – Erika and Sachi now value each other for their naturalness, so much so that Erika insisted on giving one of her best clothes to Sachi as a gift. These girls are family by blood and through their mutual relationship with Nagi, and while they will eventually be sisters-in-law as well, the real family is at heart, and Sachi and Erika have finally come to the point. And this is only the beginning.

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What does this mean for Sachi’s character arc

Erica’s character arc is defined primarily by her struggle to live independently of her family’s wealth, her desire to reach out to a specific person through social media and her involvement in Umino Nagi. Breaking the ice with Sachi and embracing her as a real sister reflects well on Erika, but is even more important for Sachi herself.

Until now, Sachi has been nurturing feelings of jealousy and possessiveness towards her adopted brother, resenting Erica for taking Nagy away from her, so much so that Sachi seems like a complicated fraternal figure. However, now that Sachi and Erika are on good terms, Sachi may soon let go of those feelings and support and share Erika. if so, a couple of cuckoo Fans may expect Saatchi to play the role of referee or coach in developing Erika/Naji’s involvement, which discourages them from chasing others.

This may reflect well on Sachi, who is a just and honest sister, biological and otherwise, of two people whose love lives are anything but simple. This is an opportunity for Sachi, of all people, to become the voice of reason and mediator in the tangled web of romance. You will soon become more than just a jealous sister or a third wheel.

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