Episode 4

If you look at the title of Episode 4, “Would you please come out with me…?” And feel a bit of a twist in your gut, then consider yourself at home because the plot throws a wrench into the larger message “Are Naji and Erika getting married or not?” The plot got me a little excited.

Neji, in a very satisfying spectacle, outperforms Segawa in the school’s exams, and becomes the best student in the school for his entire class. Of course Segawa won’t let that go unchallenged, and the pair keep trying to outdo each other by being number one at all sorts of things. It’s a powerful display of how similar they are, backed up by a really fun cuckoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo BGM.

Here I began to think of cohesion, an essential ingredient in making romantic relationships work, and that event so important in all romance stories that cohesion makes undeniably clear. It’s the moment when the characters come together and stick together and you You want To stay stuck permanently, through thick or thin and everything in between. In many ways, this episode really started building the foundations for that moment with Nagi and Erika: there’s just enough harmony and goodwill between the two carried over from Episode 3 that it’s hard to remember that they hated each other’s company only a few episodes ago.

But then there’s the front half with Nagi and Segawa, which admittedly is pretty baffling since they’re both in a similar tacky pose created by their entire parents. It’s hard to deny that Nagi x Segawa has charisma, even though the show is quite a telegram for Nagi x Erika. I’m a fence sitter in this, and honestly, I want to see couple of cuckoo Tango with “the will, they won’t” out of it all before the cohesion really sticks.

Now, there’s one hitch in all of this that I don’t think of couple of cuckoo She’ll stick to it, but she’s definitely pointing toward her in a very frustrated way – a fact that Saatchi clearly has a crush on her brother who isn’t a blood brother. I very much hope that this isn’t the direction the show is moving toward, not because of any particular moral objections, but because I just love siblings—whether blood-related or generally benign family—that it would be: family, without that weird peripheral. Fortunately, this harassment was quickly bypassed to focus on Erica and Saki as biological sisters and some cute scenes between Neji and Saki as siblings with access to things like garbage disposals and fancy tubs.

Episode 4 is definitely light fare: Segawa is literally still the prettiest girl in the entire Nagi school and is set up as a somewhat sexy love interest despite her pending marriage, Sachi is just the cutest little sister ever, and the crew keeps showing up more and more as they are thrown Individuals collectively in an upside down position. Finally, I’m starting to see an idea of ​​how this story is shaping up to be a larger and more complex story with enough momentum to stretch through summer 2022 as well. How it will be resolved remains a complete blur: I know Nagi and Erika will end up together, but there are the delicious “how” and “why” threads for untangling.


couple of cuckoo Currently streaming on Crunchyroll.

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