Disney and 9 other companies with ads submitted by famous Anime Studios

Anime is a medium loved by fans around the world. Among those who hide their passion and discuss series only with fellow anime fans, others speak more frankly about their love for the format. Perhaps even for fans and non-fans alike, many major companies have turned to animation producers to help them find an interesting creative angle for their advertising campaigns.

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From big-name movie companies, like Disney, to fast food chains, like Taco Bell, it’s both shocking and exciting to see how companies have embraced the medium of anime. Some of these ads are so intense and well made that if they weren’t just for advertising purposes, it could be their entire anime series with rich knowledge.

10 Snickers attack

It’s a recognizable alien way of fighting the Titans. Use of characters and situations from The attack on the GiantsThis ad uses Snickers as a way to defeat the Titans instead of their blades. This mashup ad is one where the animation, while still great, is on the weaker side as well.

Snickers bars seem to have just been slapped instead of character blades, and they aren’t well edited either. In places where other commercials contain commercial animations specifically for the product, this company appears to have taken scenes from the show and pasted Snickers bars on them.

9 Impressive Pepsi Nex Zero anime commercial

The Pepsi Nex Zero anime ad is a short and sweet message about the goal. Animated by Blue Rose, the ad doesn’t contain a deep and complex message: it’s a simple story in which the pop icon addresses the audience—within the commercial itself, and the real-world viewing audience.

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The animation in the advertisement is great, with eye-catching colors. Unlike other cartoon-themed commercials, the Pepsi Nex Zero ad is formatted like a mean ad, drawing the audience’s attention with the scene, the product folds, and product information at the end.

8 Let me help you install Windows 7

Who would imagine a cute anime commercial about the Windows 7 setup process? Animated by OS-Tan, the mall centers around Microsoft’s anime mantra that was designed for this commercial as it takes the audience through the process of setting up a Windows 7 PC.

While it’s not the most informative/advertising part of the promotional material, the anime sequences win points for creative magic. If it took a more serious course, then the advertisement would not be as entertaining or memorable, regardless of the amulet.

7 Kentucky Fried Chicken Strong Z Fighters

Apparently, Goku loves KFC. The ad, which was animated by Toei Animation and Funimation, shows the Z fighters racing toward something the audience doesn’t know about. Goku is then shown grabbing a chicken leg and finally blocking the KFC logo.

While it’s a bit strange to see beloved characters advertising Kentucky Fried Chicken, it sure does grab the audience’s attention. Especially considering that the ad appears to be trying to go a more serious route, but as a result, it looks more than comical.

6 Fanta Soda in the One Piece Con

Perhaps Fanta is a new form of Devil Fruit in piece Universe. Make use of the familiar characters of pieceThe audience is shown the lovable characters enjoying a bit of Fanta Suda. In this commercial, the Fanta side fits in much better than the usual hook-up attempts, and doesn’t feel compelled like some of the promotional material does.

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The commercials are characters that viewers know and love to have fun while drinking Fanta. It may follow the standard formula of a commercial, but it’s still compelling and memorable.

5 Friendship born from 7-Eleven

It’s the story of a blossoming friendship that came from a 7-Eleven coffee and a lost phone. Animated by The Answer Studio, this commercial shows audiences a growing friendship between two middle school students. After a student loses his phone, he spends his day only to find his phone and coffee from 7-Eleven.

Later that day, while the two characters are shoveling snow, the audience watches as their bond develops – all linked to frequent visits to 7-Eleven. This ad is just a solid and short of life anime.

4 Where your dreams come true, Tokyo Disneyland Resorts

The Tokyo Disneyland Resorts animation is a warm story that takes audiences on an emotional tour as viewers explore the life of a young woman. Animated by the Oriental Land Company, the commercial takes audiences on a journey through the life of a young woman as she transitions from her childhood to her adult years when she visits Disneyland in Tokyo.

The animation is beautiful, and the touching story will bring any viewer to the brink of tears. The ad isn’t just for fans of Disney and Disneyland, but for anyone who loves abbreviated novels that hit all the right notes.

3 Izzo Bike Commercial or Demon Slayer Spinoff

The animation in the Izzo Bike animation ad is absolutely stunning. The ad, animated by London studio The Line Animation Studio, follows a young man as he roams the streets of Japan, killing a variety of Oni.

The power of motion-centric commercial advertising feels like it’s part of Demon Slayer – It wasn’t until the end of the ad that the public became aware of what was being advertised. The commercial ends with the young hero wrapping his sword up, the final sheen of his blade fading white — and then finally, do we see the Izzo Bike.

2 McDonald’s Experience McAnime

McDonald’s is no stranger to creative campaigns, and this anime is a real gem. The short film, drawn by Studio Colorido, shows a young student riding a bike near the local McDonald’s to see if she’s hiring. Senpai then asked her if she would join them and become part of McDonald’s team. The ad then takes the audience on a tour of the new employee’s life as she learns the ropes of working at McDonald’s.

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The brief narration has slice of life charm, something that McDonald’s probably isn’t known for usually. These commercials make every aspect of McDonald’s – whether working or eating – seem like a pleasure to be a part of.

1 Attack Nacho Fries!

Animated by US-based Psyop and Japan’s Yapiko Animation, the Taco Bell nacho fries commercial would be one of the best Mecha Animes in recent years if boosted and given the series’ full demand.

With a story similar to that of the Pacific Rim, the commercial focuses on a group of fighters in giant mechanical suits to take on the fearsome Nacho Fries. The animation in this ad is amazing. The same goes for voice acting and music, which have a professional polish, the kind that generally don’t appear in an animated TV commercial.

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