Demon Slayer’s Nezuko might be the strongest Hashira in the series

After being transformed into a demon, Nezuko showed the skill and courage of her youthful lie. It also suggests that it is a basic insect material.

The insectHey Karim Demon Slayer The crop, the tip of the blade in the fight against the evil of Muzan, however, as a result of their prejudices against the demons, they failed to realize the value of making Nezuko Kamado is one of them. While there is some controversy over who demon slayer Hashira’s strongest is, obviously Nezuko could put them all to shame if she joined their ranks.

As a combat and command unit of the Demon Slayer Corps, turning into a ferret is far from the possibility of most Demon Slayers. In fact, the chance of joining could only happen by killing 50 demons or one demon of a high rank. In addition, the person could be chosen by the current Hashira to be their disciple to train with them and accompany them until their retirement. In either case, once a potential Hashira has been selected, successful completion of a rigorous training program is still necessary before formal acceptance into the unit is possible. Of course, as the most dedicated member of the Demon Slayer Corps, the savage tended to be quite intolerant about the need to slay demons. While the insect’s feeling toward demons is understandable, if it fails to allow them to take advantage of an opportunity to save lives and rid the world of demons more effectively, it becomes a major obstacle to the goals and weaknesses of their strategy.

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Such is the case for their failure to see what Nezuko can offer the Legion as Hashira, namely the ability to take advantage of her demonic side and create a killer that no demon has ever faced. Without their bias, Hashira should have noticed Nezuko’s potential early on. at demon slayers #1, shortly after being bitten by a demon, but not yet fully transformed, takes Nezuko up against Hashira Giyu Tomioka. While Giyu takes it down, she scares him without any training and without a taste of human blood. Later Demon Slayer #83, fully awakened Nezuko, only takes out the higher level demon Daki, again without feeding on a human. Furthermore, despite the incredible bloodlust after the fight, with the help of her brother, she is able to regain control.

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While the Hashira fears that Nezuko, like all demons, will be overcome by the desire for human blood, the facts of her life prove the success of this argument. First, there is the fact that she does not need human blood to survive and quest, and, like her brother Tanjiro, has shown superhuman willpower to resist temptation. Second, it has proven to be teachable. That is, she is ready and able to learn how to become the best demon of all, especially if it means helping those close to her. Few of the insect showed an equal level of will and dedication. The possibility of Nezuko becoming a Demon Slayer has earned me a fan for some reason.

Despite the fact that the ceiling of Nezuko’s abilities is astronomical, and that she has shown her ability to control her desires, just like any other Hashira, she is willing to take the time to become better; But the insect did not even think about the possibility of joining the unit. Of course, this wouldn’t be an easy endeavor, but even without their training, Nezuko turned out to be a major force helping the Demon Slayer Corps. She might have been more effective as Hashira if they were only willing to transcend their prejudices and accept that half-demon can become a powerful force of goodness in Demon Slayer Like any other member.

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