Demon Slayer: What is Love Breathing?

At the end of season 1 of Demon SlayerWe got to know the insect. Hashira are the most elite members of the Demon Slayer Corps, each with an arsenal of special skills. Tanjiro and the gang had adventures with a few Hashira members like Kyojuro Rengoku and Tengen Uzui.

With season 3 of Demon Slayer On the way, the trailer indicated that Muichiro Tokito and Mitsuri Kanroji of Hashira will appear at Swordsmith Village Arc. Mitsuri’s breathing style is love breathing, looks a bit strange beside nature-based styles like water breathing and thunder breathing. So what exactly is love breath?

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Meet Mitsuri Kanrouji

Just like Muichiro, Hashira appeared in the upcoming third season of Demon SlayerMitsuri is first properly introduced in Episode 22 of Season 1. She and her co-star Hashira are summoned to decide the fate of Tanjiro to travel with a demon, his sister Nezuko. As the rest of Hashira called for Tanjiro to be sentenced to death, Mitsuru was the first to show sympathy for Tanjiro. I felt so much anguish and pain that “such a wonderful child” would be killed.

Mitsuri seems to have a kind hearted personality. She prefers to choose the most peaceful path, such as voting for Tanjiro to live. She may also have a sense of humor and laugh at inappropriate moments, such as being the only one who laughed when Tanjiro gave Sanimi the Wind Hashira one of his deadly head butts and a desperate attempt to stifle the laughter when Tanjiro showed sheer horror when the master said he must defeat the Twelve Kizuki. She talks emotionally and wishes the best for everyone, always blushing when she talks and thinks of herself.

The origins of love breath

Love breath is derived from the basic pattern of flame breathing. In chapter 178 of the manga, it is explained that Yoriichi tried to teach the Sun Breathing technique to others, but his students were unable to reach his skill level. As a result, Yoriichi modified his teaching to match the strengths of his students, which later led to the creation of a variety of derivatives of sun breath, one of which was flame breath.

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Flame Breathing allows the user to attack by conjuring a flame, with the intent of burning the opponent. Shinjuro and Kyojuro Rengoku are the two well-known users of Flame Breathing. Six of the nine forms of flame breathing were used in the animation during the arc of Mugen’s train; The first form is unconscious fire, the second form: the blazing sun rising, the third form: the burning universe, the fourth form: the ripple of a blooming flame, the fifth form: the blazing tiger, and the ninth form: Ringoku.

I like to breathe; Extension of the flame

Mitsuru was Kyojuro’s Tsuguko, and thus was trained in the Flame Breathing Style, but she changed it to create her own version known as Love Breathing. It is rooted in the passion of love, so that the names of the various forms were given romantic and sentimental names. Mitsuri’s past is based on love, albeit bitter and sweet, so it’s almost poetic that this is her way of breathing, using these complex feelings as her shield.

Mitsuri’s fighting style complements her endearing breath. She is known for her particular muscular density which makes her unusually strong for a female, something she has been ashamed of in the past. The models it uses combine its formidable strength and flexibility, powered by a whip-like Nichirin blade. The flexible and powerful combination of her fighting style enhances the various breaths of love that she implements throughout the manga. Whip-like attacks, quick jumps and dips, and quick movements are all important principles of this unique breathing technique.

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