Demon Slayer: Top 10 episodes, according to IMDb

Members Demon Slayer We’re looking forward to the next season, which will feature Swordsmith Village Arc. Fans see stronger demon slayers battling more formidable demons in this arc, adding to the excitement.

While Demon Slayer It is one of the most popular anime series in recent years and will undoubtedly include episodes with much higher ratings than the rest. Unsurprisingly, the majority of these episodes feature the fight scenes, which fans always look forward to, and they’re always consistent and distinct.

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10 S1E17: You must master one thing – 9.0

Zenitsu, a user of Thunder Breath, meets a spider-demon who is part of one “family” of 12 Kizuki, Lower Moon 5, Rui, in this episode. On the other hand, Tanjiro and Inosuke meet the demon who plays the role of “Father” and struggle to fight him due to their injuries.

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What makes this episode so highly appreciated by fans is that while it’s not the pinnacle of the art, it’s very well made, especially the animation where Zenitsu cuts off the head of a Spider Demon using Thunder Breathing. Fans can also see Zenitsu’s tearful past, which also made fans emotional.

9 S1E18: Forged Deed – 9.0

Roy in episode 18

In this episode, Tanjiro and Inosuke fight the “father” of the spider demons of Mount Natagomo. Tanjirou is pushed away by the demon’s formidable force as he launches an attack. He encounters a little demon, lower moon 5, Roy, who hits his demon sister, who plays the role of “daughter”.

This episode was rated excellent as it featured Tanjiro’s first confrontation with his strongest opponent this season. Giyu, a user of water breathing (one of the breathing techniques with most forms), also implements his techniques, which are beautifully animated.

8 S2E6: Akaza – 9.4

Demon Slayer Akaza's first appearance

One of the most powerful demons ever, Upper Moon 3, Akaza, appeared in one of the episodes taken straight from the movie infinity train. It happens after Tanjiro and his company defeat Lower Moon 1, Enmu, who was already a tough opponent.

Although this clip has already been seen in the movie version and seen by others, it has been highly rated, as Akaza is one of the most popular characters in the series. Apart from that, Rengoku’s fight against Akaza also featured great animation, just like in the movie version, which made it more interesting to watch.

7 S3E8: Assembly – 9.4

Demon Slayer Tengen Ozoe Badass

In this episode, Uzui fights two of the most powerful demons, Daki and Gyutaro, who are both at the top of Moon 6. However, the poison from Gyutaro’s sickle is gradually weakening his power. Meanwhile, due to their injuries and the overwhelming ability of demons, Tanjirou and the others struggle to help the healthy Hashira.

The animation in this episode seems to be much smoother and more fluid compared to the already excellent episodes of recent seasons. Since the people they fight include stronger people and more awesome styles, fans are happy to see this showdown between demon slayers and demons.

6 S3E7: Shift – 9.5

DEMON SLAYER Gyutaro debut

After witnessing his brother, Tanjiro, being badly beaten by Daki, Nezuko helps him fight after he transforms into a more demonic form, but tends to kill the injured innocent bystanders. Gyutaro, who is Daki’s brother and partner Upper Moon 6, is introduced for the first time.

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Viewers were especially elated after seeing Gyutaro come out of Daki’s back, especially manga readers. Since Gyutaro is much stronger than Daki, fans were happy to see his Blood Demon Arts animation, which didn’t disappoint, as it ended up being pretty cool in this episode.

5 S3E6: Multilayer Memories – 9.6

Demon Slayer Nezuko transforms

Tanjirou is forced to face Daki alone because he was the first to meet her, despite the fact that the demon is much stronger than him. Meanwhile, Nezuko transforms into an adult-like appearance and becomes even more demonic, even defeating the Daki, who has been a demon for a century.

In this episode, viewers will witness a fascinating battle with Tanjiro using solar breath, one of the most powerful forms of breathing, against one of the most powerful demons. The most powerful demon slayer in existence, Yoriichi Tsugikuni, also appears in the flashback in this episode, much to the fanfare of fans.

4 S3E9: Defeat a Higher Rank Demon – 9.6

Devil slayer, you make a shriek

The battle against the demons of Upper Moon 6 becomes more intense, and the wives of the Uzui join the demon slayers in the fight. Meanwhile, Uzui and Gyutaro collide with their strongest techniques, with Uzui using proper breathing, Form IV: steady thunderous slashes, and Gyutaro with circular circular dashes: Scythes of flying blood

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The fight scenes in this episode are brilliantly animated once again, especially the clash of techniques between Gyutaro and Sound Hashira as they prove their skills and strength. For the first time in the series, Tanjiro combines breathing water and the sun at the same time, a scene that attracts the attention of fans.

3 S2E7: Set Your Heart On Fire – 9.7

Devil Slayer Rengoku death

While Tanjiro and Inosuke stand on the sidelines, fierce fighting between Akaza and Rengoku continues. Despite Rengoku’s apparent deterioration as the fight continues, Akaza showcases his ability to quickly regenerate any part of his body, even after being cut multiple times by Rengoku’s sword.

For fans, this episode was beautiful and tragic. In this brilliantly illustrated duel, they were able to witness Rinkuku’s brave resistance despite their defeat. But after inspiring words are given to the young demon slayers, viewers witness his death, which has made fans very sad about the fate of the Flame Slayer.

2 S1E19: Hinokami – 9.8

Devil Slayer Episode 19

In this episode, he encounters Tanjiro Rui, who is considerably stronger than him and has used the Blood Demon Art to slash his blade with string. In a desperate moment, Tanjiro was able to release Sun Breathing or Hinokami Kagura, which consist of some of the most powerful forms of breath and are capable of decapitating Rui.

It is one of the best episodes not only in Demon Slayer, but all over the cartoon, exploded all over the Internet. Fans were especially excited after seeing how animated the Art of Sun Breathing and Nezuko’s Blood Demon Art: Blood Explosion helped, and that helped. Demon Slayer Paving his way to the production of the highest-grossing animated film of all time.

1 S3E10: I’ll Never Give Up – 9.9

Demon Slayer Tanjiro Sun's Breath

Tanjiro tries unsuccessfully to separate Gyutaro’s neck from his body. On the other hand, Giotaro quickly regains the upper hand. Before he can do any harm, Tengen steps in and protects him. Then Tengen performs the musical note technique, however, given his condition, it is much weaker than expected.

Many fans say it’s currently the best animated episode overall Demon Slayer series. This is particularly due to the fight scenes featuring Gyutaro and Tengen’s techniques, which are beautifully animated with animations never seen before. Hence, these factors contributed to this episode being currently the highest rated among all.

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