Top 10 shonen anime that need a reboot, ranked

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Island in the Pool GN 1 – Review

ki sanbei He definitely has a way with stories about tormented little boys, doesn’t he? But it’s hard to complain about the heroes an eraserAnd the The child I saw in my dreamsAnd now this series is a little too small for the horror they go through when Sanbe also makes a point about how … Read more

10 anime sets on a tropical island

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What should your identity be in the Metaverse? NFT Avatars, Anime and Japanese Bikers in this interview with Creative Director BOSO TOKYO

In this interview, I speak with Afromance (Riichiro Nakama), Brand Creative Director for NFT avatars, BOSO TOKYO, and President of Creative Company Afro & Co. We discuss the identity-defying brand idea of ​​Metaverse and the future of Web 3.0 technology. U.Today: Hi Afromance, Nice to meet you! You are the Creative Director of BOSO TOKYO. … Read more

Where do you watch and read the series?

The Spring 2022 anime season is absolutely packed with new and returning rom-com titles for slice of life fans to enjoy. from the address Kaguya-sama: Love is War To new charming series such as Aharen-San incomprehensible And the a couple of cuckooIt’s never too late to try out this series. With the spring season fast … Read more