Gun Armory’s racist Fortnite Pro video condemned online

An esports professional has been criticized after a video surfaced online showing an individual allegedly fortnite Grand Final Champion Series Contender Sin, Displays a fully stocked weapon locker It states, in 2022, that stockpile firearms “only in the event of a zombie disaster or *gger outbreak.” Sigh, I hate this world we live in sometimes. … Read more

Best thick skins in Fortnite

Fortnite has a large number of skins to choose from. While playing the game, players can choose the shape of different combinations according to their mood. Among the variety of skins available in the game, the most popular type is thick skin. However, both professionals and casual players do not choose it. However, when we … Read more

Fortnite Hot Shot Duo Drop, the best duo to watch

The best players to watch in Dr Disrespect’s Fortnite tournament are back in the Fortnite Hot Shot Duo Drop. The No Builds aspect of Fortnite Twitch has lit up since its launch this season. The Fortnite Hot Shot Duo Drop Championship is the latest competitive event to build on this success. Dr Disrespect is hosting … Read more