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Hundreds of new anime series flood the market every year and there weren’t more options for fans to explore. Many of the anime series that completely dominate the industry are long-running shonen series that benefit from hundreds of episodes of storytelling and development. Shonen is also heavy on metaphors, and it’s easy for these series to fall into retro or repetitive habits.

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It can be easy for a shonen series to put together beautiful looking endless battle royales, but it’s a lot more difficult to create a consistent plot with well-written characters and events. It’s not always the best shonen series that becomes the most popular, but here are some that are working at least hard to solidify their writing.

10 Gintama is a seamless blend of comedy, drama, and everything in between

Gintama It is a rare example of a long-running shonen series that is actively improving as it goes on, yet still starting with an exceptional level of quality. There is a serious story at the heart of the series that involves traumatizing the past and liberating the planet from the invasion of aliens, but Gintama It is also a very silly program that offers some of the smartest parodies in the medium.

write in Gintama It deserves endless recognition for its ease of balance between comedy and drama, but also for its subtle continuity and the wide range of characters that are gradually incorporated into the series.

9 Hunter X Hunter seeks authenticity and avoids repeating his past

Hunter X Hunter It has all the essential elements of the great shounen series and its valiant hero, Gon Freecs, instantly brings to mind other shounen legends like Goku, Luffy, and Naruto. Hunter X HunterIts story and characters come from a familiar place, but the anime prides itself on breaking away from the norm and not repeating previous successful ideas.

Every story in Hunter X Hunter It looks very different from what happened before and the characters show a remarkable growth as they tackle bigger threats. In just under 150 episodes, Hunter X Hunter He also doesn’t delve into his story like a certain shonen series does.

8 Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is the story of the ultimate Shonen brotherhood

It is always disappointing when the cherished manga series receives a lackluster or incomplete anime adaptation. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Corrects the mistakes of the original anime series that had to deviate from its original course.

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The benefit of having a complete story to adapt to Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Crucial and the anime’s 64 episodes properly speed up the material until it reaches a satisfying conclusion. Edward and Alphonse Elric’s journey to mend themselves and their families on an emotional level as well as a fascinating blend of magic and combat is connected.

7 Attack on Titan character has some of the most powerful twists in animation through its dense lore

Stunning images of giant human-eating monsters from The attack on the Giants It draws audiences in immediately, but the anime has proven time and time again that it is more than just sudden deaths and surreal carnage.

There is a very complex story of enormous scope being presented The attack on the Giants Which involves an impressive degree of alarm. A lot of the seeds for the series’ big turns were sown right from the start. Eren’s frightening development and where it ends is also one of the real victories of The attack on the Giants.

6 D. Gray-Man features a tormented protagonist who rises above the base

Many of the most effective shounen series feature heroes who have transformed in some way or possess a unique skill. Allen Walker D. Gray Man He fits perfectly in the mold with his dangerous left arm that can alter and remove the dark akuma that fills the world.

D. Gray Man It appeared during the mid-2000s and spawned over 100 episodes before concluding its story, but it’s a shonen that has managed to slip through the cracks over time. Allen’s impending confrontation with the Millennium Earl creates real tension and the series doesn’t lose itself in typical shounen predicaments.

5 My Hero Academia excels with its complex action on character

Kohei Horikoshi My hero academy It is one of the biggest shonen series of the decade and wisely combines shonen sensibilities with the supernatural stereotypes of comic books. My hero academy He works hard to build a rich world of heroes and villains, but in his humble role, Izuku “Deku” Midoriya is an inspiring embodiment of shounen ideals.

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My hero academy He turns younger during the early seasons, but deals with increasingly mature material as Midoriya and the rest of her protagonists get older. Many shonen series can start spinning their wheels the deeper they delve into their stories, but the more depth and scope they get. My hero academy It made her story more informative.

4 Death Note raises important questions about responsibility and corruption

death note He takes the shounen genre’s serial dramatization and injects it with the addictive cat-and-mouse game between Light Yagami and L after the former discovers the devastating Death Note.

This book has the power to carry out the name of whoever is written in it, gradually corrupting the light and creating a debilitating divine knot. Admittedly, the second story arc in death note The one that follows Light’s exit lacks the same effect, but it’s still a compelling extension of the series’ themes and a clever dissection of power.

3 Strange JoJo Adventure is constantly changing her game and reinventing herself

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Hirohiko Araki’s trademark series has been for over 30 years and has set a new standard for shonen storytelling in many ways. Continuing story in Joe Joe It has turned into a generational epic spread across the globe, and it deserves credit for constantly mixing things up and building a new set of characters.

every chapter in Joe Joe Contributes to the bigger picture, but they all stand confidently on their own and explore unique themes. Unexpected mounts in the series also lead to bold, big fights that are never boring.

2 Assassination Classroom discovers a hit thanks to its complex power dynamics

There is a hypothesis that is difficult to resist Assassination of the seasons An extremely powerful alien lands on Earth, blows up part of the moon, and vows to do the same on the planet unless a group of medical students can execute him within years.

The strange relationship between Korosensei and the students of Class 3-E becomes the heart of the show, even if their relationship is supposed to end in ruin. It would be too easy for a series like Assassination of the seasons To cheat his way out of his premise or push him away, but Assassination of the seasons It wraps up in less than 50 episodes and is stronger for this restraint.

1 One Piece is the classic shonen model with writing to back it up

One piece It is a huge anime movie that has crossed 1000 episodes and is still going strong. Any anime with this amount of material will have its share of weak spots and growing pains, but One piece Surprisingly consistent.

Aside from the filler, some of the most satisfying adventures of Luffy and his crew have taken place from the Straw Hat Pirate in the latest releases. One piece It is a rare case of the shonen series that knows how to build on its past and the growing world it continues to build. I do not feel One piece He finished his course or ran out of ideas, saying something after so much time.

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