Best Settings for Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile Hit battle royale is a full featured version of Hit battle royale that is designed to be played on the go. Apart from the game being of high quality, the developers also wanted to make sure that this version is as accessible and customizable as the console and PC versions.

Apex Legends Mobile It offers a bunch of settings that make the settings menus of most mobile games look like a joke. You have a lot more options here than just adjusting the audio settings, and in fact, you can do a lot more to make this version of the game as comfortable and fun to play as if it was on your console or PC. But unless you’re comfortable with changing these settings and you know what you’re doing under the hood, it can also be difficult to get the game to work at its best. If you are a bit lost but want to get the most out of it Apex Legends MobileHere are the best settings to change.

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Best display settings in Apex Legends Mobile

While it is not at the level of a computer game, Apex Legends Mobile It has an amazing amount of graphical settings that you can tweak to change the look and performance of the game. It can, and should, be adjusted based on two main factors: the power of your specific mobile device and your preferences. The two biggest factors in this are going to be the graphics level and the frame rate. Apex Legends Mobile It will give you recommended settings for both, but they are not always the best or necessary.

to graphics quality, Unless you are playing this game casually and don’t particularly care about the actual performance, smooth It is the setting that we have found to work best. If you have a top-notch phone and you think the game looks a bit unattractive at this level, you can try raising it a level or two, but know that this may cause some frames to fall off.

Speaking of tires, set this to the highest available for your mobile device, be it ultra, very high, or just Average, for as many frames as possible. If you are running graphics on SmoothAnd You can even reach 60fps smoothly which no doubt even the best gamers will aim for. In a game like this, tires should be your main priority, so no matter what, raise this setting right away. If you want to know how high a fee you can pay while keeping tires, run View FPS Toggle to get an indication of how many frames you’re playing while playing and experimenting.

adaptive smoothing It should be left on to help smooth over any stutter that may pop up.

Regarding POV settings, FPP And TPP, increase both to 110. This is the generally accepted “best” field of view because it gives you a lot of visual perception, which is especially important on smaller screens, but without stretching and distorting your image. If you suffer from motion sickness, you may need to undo it so you don’t get sick.

The last option on this screen is a number of specific graphic styles that you can choose. Don’t bother with any of those – leave it classic. Others mess around with color saturation and filters, which may sound great, but will most likely make the game more difficult to read and reduce your reaction times.

In the Advanced Settings List, there are three very important performance settings to look at, all of which we recommend turning off to squeeze the most tires out as possible. that’s it dynamic shadowsAnd Reflection qualityAnd personal aura. These are all massive performance hogs and can lower your frame rate, so shut them all down. In the midst of a gunfight, you wouldn’t care how well the shadows came out anyway. Just keep running the refinement as well.

The best gameplay settings for Apex Legends Mobile

Advanced settings in Apex Legends Mobile.

Your gameplay settings are where things get more complicated with all the options available. These are the best settings we used while playing the game. Try this setup yourself, but feel free to use it as a baseline and tweak it to your preference from here, especially if you’re playing on touch controls versus a console.

  • Auto launch: off
  • Left fire button: ON
  • One-click ADS and fire: off
  • Bolt sniper mode: tap to shoot
  • Semi-automatic gun mode: tap to shoot
  • ADS mode: press and hold
  • ADS button Rotates the camera: off
  • Aiming assistance: On
  • TPP Optic: Classic
  • Automatic Opening Doors: On
  • Automatic opening chests: On
  • Empty automatic weapon cycle: On
  • Continuous Throwing: On
  • Tactical ability release method: classic
  • Maximum usage method: classic
  • Allow Squadmate to be controlled when offline: Off
  • Joystick auto start: ON
  • Crouching controls: Press
  • Slide jump control: classic
  • Use the bend button to rotate the camera: ON
  • Use the scroll button to rotate the camera: ON
  • Climb Control Mode: Classic
  • Climbing prompt: off
  • Zipline button settings: Display
  • Riding on Zipline Modes: One Click
  • Vertical Zipline Interaction Button: On
  • Tips on the direction of the vertical sliding line: Play
  • Auto-Turn on Vertical Ziplines: Off
  • Sliding line assisted landing: off
  • Related sensitivity setting: off
  • FPS without ads
    • Target: 200%
    • Shooting: 60%
  • TPP without ads
  • Iron sights 1x optical ads
    • Target: 45%
    • Payback: 45%
  • 2 visual ads
    • Target: 36%
    • Payback: 36%
  • 3x visual ads
    • Target: 26%
    • Payback: 26%
  • 4x visual ads
    • Target: 24%
    • Payback: 24%
  • 6x visual ads
    • Target: 18%
    • Payback: 18%
  • 8x visual ads
    • Target: 14%
    • Payback: 14%
  • Auto capture: On
  • When you close the capture list, stop the auto capture: off
  • Hide capture list during combat: On
  • Auto capture interval: short
  • Keep switching interval: short

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