Best male anime characters with brown hair

The world of animation is incredibly vast, in fact, there are hundreds of series to choose from. Regardless of the genre, each anime tells a unique story, and each series varies in terms of writing quality, but like all works of fiction, the characters are the most important. The audience bonds with the characters, and a series that doesn’t have relatable characters is doomed in most cases.

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There are many anime characters with weird looks, but there are many who look like normal people. Regardless of facial features, hair color is a very distinguishing feature, and a large number of characters have a type of brown hair, just like many people in real life. Not all of these brown-haired characters are memorable, but there are a few that really stand out.

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10 Eren Jaeger – Attack on Titan

when The attack on the Giants At first, Eren wanted to rid the world of Titans to save humanity, but as the series progressed, he became a villain with a justifiable motive. Becoming a Titan Shifter at a very young age, he had the power to attack and found the Titans. He later acquired War Hammer Titan.

With The Founding Titan, he unleashes The Rumbling by awakening The Wall Titans, and he does so to wipe out humanity in order to save his friends. In fact, though, he wanted his friends to stop him so that the elders could be considered world saviors.

9 Neji Hyuga – Naruto

One of the reasons Leaf Village is considered the strongest ninja village is that the Hyuga clan lives there. Each member possesses a Byakugan, a visual ability that gives the user a field of view of nearly 360 degrees. It also allows the user to see the circulatory system of the chakra.

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Neji was considered a prodigy as he mastered advanced techniques at a young age despite being part of the clan branch family. He originally thought that everyone’s fate was predetermined, but he changed his point of view after meeting Naruto. He realizes what true freedom is when he sacrifices himself to save Naruto during the Fourth Great Ninja War.

8 Dew Maxwell – Gundam Suite

considered a lot Gundam Suite Being one of the series’ best hits, which is understandable given that it created a new generation of fans. This was the first series to feature a group of teenagers driving the famous mobile suits, and Deathscythe led by Duo Maxwell.

Duo is the most sociable of the five pilots, and appears to be a happy, relaxed and relaxed person, but is much more complex. He had a horrific childhood that included seeing a lot of death, and he chooses to hide this aspect of himself from others.

7 Tatsumi – Wakame Ga Kill!

Akame may be the main character of Wakame ga was killed! But Tatsumi is already the double protagonist. Growing up in a small village, he travels to the empire’s capital to earn money for his people. While he’s there, he soon learns just how cruel and corrupt the Empire really is.

He ends up joining the Night Raid, a secret squad of the Revolutionary Army, and acquires the Incursio Imperial Arm which gives him powerful full body armor. Tatsumi loses a lot during the anime, and sacrifices himself to protect the capital from its failed emperor.

6 Kaname Kuran – Vampire Knight

There are many decent vampire anime, including vampire knight, Who sees vampires and humans go to the same school. Kaname Kuran is one of the only remaining pure vampires, and although he appeared in his teens, he is actually over 10,000 years old.

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He is a stoic and reliable individual, but becomes warm and gentle whenever he is around Yuki. He is also incredibly powerful, as he can control other vampires against their will. He could turn his body into a weapon, use telekinesis, erase memories, and transform other pure blood into human beings.

5 Shinichi Izumi – Parasyte-The Maxim-

at parasite – adage -, Tiny worm-like aliens arrive on Earth and bury themselves inside hosts. Once this happens, they travel to the head of their host and take over their brain. Shinichi is a high school student who manages to stop one of these parasites, but ends up grabbing his right hand instead.

This parasite is called Migi, and the two become reluctant allies, but develop a friendly relationship along the way. Shinichi is forced to fight other parasites, who suffer from a lack of feelings and thirst for blood. Over the course of the series, Meiji gains more and more humanity, while Shinichi loses some of his humanity.

4 Tae – Digimon

Digimon It has been popular for a while, but most of the love is towards the original series, which had its own movie, as well as several sequels. Very energetic and adventurous, Tai is the bearer of the emblem of courage, which says it all.

He may have issues with Matt, but he’s the co-leader of DigiDestined, and he’s partnered with Agumon. Fans watched Tai become more mature with Agumon by his side, and his rivalry/friendship with Matt added an amazing amount of drama to the kid-friendly animation.

3 Shinji Ikari – Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion It is a dark and complex series that sees a giant mech battling large monsters called angels. Shinji Ikari is the main protagonist, the leader of Evangelion Unit-01, which contains the soul of his deceased mother.

At first, Shinji’s character is very calm and serene, but he experiences a great deal of emotional pain and inner fear caused by his perceived abandonment issues. His fragile emotional state causes him to be alienated from the rest of the world, but that doesn’t stop him from trying to save others.

2 Light Yagami – Death Note

death note Arguably one of the best mystery animation ever, Light Yagami is the centerpiece of the entire series. Light was an ordinary high school student until he found the Death Note, and soon learned that he could use this notebook to kill anyone as long as he knew their name.

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He initially killed criminals who had escaped proper justice, but ended up developing a god complex, and his goal then evolved into creating a utopia full of people he considered honest and kind. He becomes paranoid and, worst of all, becomes the very thing he sought to destroy.

1 Susuke Aizen – Bleach

Many whitening Fans think the series should have ended with Aizen being the final villain, and for good reason. He’s been the main villain for the majority of the series, and has proven time and time again to be a genius and a master manipulator. He also possesses abilities that mean another word in terms of strength.

Aizen’s strength was complete hypnosis, whereby releasing his sword allowed him to control all five of a person’s senses, and allowed him to take on some of Bankai’s strongest selves. He had achieved true immortality, and his goal was to kill and replace the Soul King.

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