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Asking some room for the best anime can start a fight. It’s a question that tends to elicit very strong emotions, because anime generates strong emotional bonds. I already mentioned, for example, what I think is the best single episode in the anime. But comparing a series that ran for twenty-five years to a series that was only built to include twelve episodes is kind of like apples and rudeness. Is it even possible to smash the best animation of every decade?

Dear reader, I have tried. When the nodes in question were difficult to narrow down (therefore, all of them), I found that the criteria I relied on were more legacy. Was there a particular beloved series from each decade that left an indelible mark on the genre and/or its reception, without which the animation world wouldn’t be the same? The answer, for each decade, was usually “yes”.

1960s: Tetcoin Atom, aka Astro Boy (1963)

Image from the title song of the 1963 Tetsuwan Atom series, also known as Astro Boy

titcoin atom It was the first Japanese cartoon specially made for half an hour on TV. Despite having a smaller three-minute series, Japanese television had previously filled the half-hour animation blocks with imports such as Flintstones. as such, titcoin atom Known to Western audiences as astro boy – It became the first “appropriate” anime. The series was so popular that it went abroad, establishing an anime market in the West. Even a set of anime models that are still in use, such as big eyes and luxurious hair, are rooted in it titcoin atom. It is somewhat significant in the history of anime.

The honorable: Kimba the white lion, the fast racer

1970s: Ashita no Joe, aka Tomorrow’s Joe (1970)

Screenshot of Ashita no Joe, aka Tomorrow's Joe

One of the first sports animation, Ashita no jo It was an institution in the 1970s in Japan, and its influence is still easily palpable. The animation of the show still looks amazing, and its score rules. Watching Ashita no Joe clips, it’s hard to believe that the show came out in 1970. You can draw a straight line from Joe who’s punched in the ring, blood oozing from his mouth, and fuzzy streaks galore, to Eren Jaeger who gives off a dark look for forty years at a time. later.

The honorable: Lupine III, Mobile Suit Gundam, Future Boy Conan, The Rose of VersaillesAnd the Heidi is an alpine girl

1980s: Dragon Ball / Dragon Ball Z

Dragon ball Z

I like piece. But even I know it won’t be there piece – Nor NarutoNor whitening – without Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball She is the grandmother of the modern shounen, and anyone who enjoys the Big Three or any of the Flood series inspired by them owes her a debt of gratitude. did you see Dragon Ball? No. But I owe her a debt of gratitude.

The 1980s was known as the “golden age” of anime. We’re only talking about TV series here, but there’s no better place than that in anime. Studio Ghibli was formed in the 1980s. Akira, a ghost in a shella streaming of classic Ghibli movies – including My neighbor Totoro It all came out in the ’80s.

The honorable: Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac, Ranma 1/2, Captain Tsubasa

1990s: Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995)

Asuka Langley in the movie Neon Genesis Evangelion

One of Hayao Miyazaki’s best animators quits to set up his studio, becomes terribly depressed, and gifted the world with Neon Genesis Evangelion. This series and its weird and wacky original ending are one of my favorite things out there. Evangelion It reviews itself like a mechanical anime, but at its core is one of the most influential surveys of depression in television history. Plus, anything that can balance nail-biting action scenes with two teenage girls giving each other the silent treatment in an elevator is a true work of art. Evangelion It is so good that even though it is very strange in many ways, it is still ridiculously popular, especially in Japan. be ready for Evangelion Pachinko machines and the like. And the theme song! Just enter the robot, Shinji, my boy.

The honorable: Cowboy Bebop, series experiences, line, muffled PokemonAnd of course – piece

2000s: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (2009)

My son Edward Elric gives some oomph at the Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Remember when I said Neon Genesis Evangelion Was it one of my favorite things? we will, Brotherhood Fullmetal Alchemist Also located in this camp. The last time I checked in, the prevailing opinion was that it was as close to the perfect anime as you’d get. Brothers The manga follows Hiromu Arakawa more closely than before, which is very strange Fullmetal Alchemist series. This means that it brings out the group’s character dynamics and the heart-wrenching story about – sniff – friendship between hardship which makes full metal Such a victory.

The characters are really what they make full metal Very bright shine. Edward Elric Treasure the protagonist. But the supporting actors – like Izumi Curtis chant “I’m a housewife!!!” Before kicking the ass – with the same force. as also, full metal Written by a woman, so bonus points! Wooo hoo!

The honorable: FLCLAnd the Death Note, Code Geass, Mononoke, Bakemonogatari, MoshishiAnd the Samurai Champloo

2010: Attack on Titan (2013)

Listen. It is impossible to crown the first decade of the twenty-first century, because you can see it in the second golden age of anime, during which we are currently still living. If I customize it to my personal taste, I will probably be crowned Galaxy mats Here, though, it’s kind of circled Spider-Man reference with every string I put in the honorable mentions.

But in terms of raw cultural strength internationally, you kind of have to give this one a The attack on the Giants. Try to take yourself back to 2014 for a second. The attack on the Giants It was a cursed phenomenon. You could make a very persuasive argument that the series that led to the recent surge in anime popularity in the United States and elsewhere and propelled anime into the era of streaming is indeed, The attack on the Giants. As Polygon points out, it remains one of the most popular TV shows of all Globalism.

Also, when I first started watching The attack on the GiantsThe influence of her incredibly large cast of female characters cannot be overstated. I was Mikasa for Halloween that year, because it was so rare—especially at the time—that I saw (arguably) the biggest badass on the show being a woman. A person who has not been sexualized. for its various differences in its policy, The attack on the Giants This thread is still ongoing with Gaby, who is one of the most interesting characters of 2020 so far.

yes, Demon Slayer It is the most popular anime of all time, as far as I know. but I argue The attack on the Giants Help pave the way for that popularity. Also… ah… I think it’s overrated, don’t kill me.

The honorable: Paula Magi Madoka Magica Mob Psycho 100And the Steins; Gate, The Tatami Galaxy, Yuuri! on the iceAnd the Showa Jinroku Rakugo Shinju… and so the mob does not come after me, Hunter X Hunter And the My hero academy And the Demon Slayer

2020 (so far): Spy x Family

Listen. Listen. I was ready to give Jujutsu Kisen This spot. first block of Spy family x Episodes are not over yet. It feels arrogant as hell to give him first place. However… after every episode of this great show, I say out loud, “Damn, I love this show.” The characters have made their way into my heart in a way that makes me laugh out loud at some point during each episode. The series is a master class in setting up stereotypes and then banishing the hell out of them, thwarting your expectations. Most importantly, although the main characters deceive each other and force them to live in a harsh Cold War-type world, they and the show are both warm and kind. Even if one of them was a killer. how is that possible? It’s a miracle.

The honorable: Jujutsu KisenAnd the Keep your hands off Eizoken! , exotic taxi, ranking kings

Image credit: Studio Gainax

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