10 Dragon Ball Super Battles That Were Better In Anime

While manga readers and anime watchers often debate about which medium creates a more engaging experience, sometimes the scene is undeniably and memorably brought to life by the movement created through the video animation. The Dragon Ball The franchise is full of such moments. Especially, Dragon Ball Super Fight scenes benefit greatly from translating into … Read more

Netflix show contains masterpieces and failures

Love, Death and Robots Gaining great fame in its first season, it is an excellent collection of science fiction stories that combined satirical humor with sophisticated animation, graphic violence, intellectual ideas, and fast-paced facts. A highly entertaining collection of stories was perfectly suited to a world of diminishing interest in the age of TikTok videos … Read more

Why everyone is coming back to Fortnite (and you should too)

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The most stylish legends in Apex Legends

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Terror in ADN Echo: un anime pépet à découvrir absolument, par le créateur de Cowboy Bebop – News Séries à la TV

La création originale de Watanabe Shinichiro, Terror in Resonance, est désormais disponible sur ADN! L’occasion de revenir sur cette série psychologique dont il the impossible de décrocher! DE QUOI ÇA PARLE? Un jour d’été ordinaire, une bombe explose soudainement en plein coeur de Tokyo. Un acte Terrore revendiqué par un duo d’adolescents masqués se faisant … Read more

Best high refresh rate monitors for Valorant and Fortnite

Fortnite and Valorant are both competitive shooters, and having a fast screen is a major advantage over the competition. The higher refresh rate screen helps you react faster to the enemies that appear on your screen and win the duels. Today’s gaming monitors have extremely high refresh rates, low response times and other features that … Read more