Apex Legends will benefit from test servers

Apex Legends It is one of Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment’s biggest titles to date. Despite its free-to-play nature, gameplay with firearms, unique abilities, legends, and intriguing stories keep players coming back for more. In fact, one could say that it has single-handedly kept EA afloat over the past few months, due to lackluster titles like Battlefield 2042 that underperform the company’s expectations.

Despite its success, Apex Legends Suffers from many issues. Voice bugs, broken character abilities, and T-mode legends in the character select screen – these are just a few of the issues that have raised their ugly heads with each new patch introduced in the live-action battle royale game. Bugs and glitches are bound to appear in any video game, but in a competitive and widely played title like Apex LegendsPlayers are bound to find these issues more annoying the longer they stay in the game. Other live service games have found a way to mitigate the number of patch issues by adding test servers – something Respawn Entertainment should consider doing in order to Apex Legends.

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Test servers turn players into QA analysts

Beta servers provide video game developers with a way to soft-release their updated game build. Think of it as an early access patch that players can try. Players create an alternate account to test new content before the intended release date. Everything they test on test servers is subject to change, but it gives them an idea of ​​what the developers have in store for the game’s near future. games like rainbow six sig And the Hunt: Confrontation They have their own test servers that allow players to participate in the action before the actual patch is released.

On the other hand, developers can monitor players’ experiences with test servers and fine-tune them based on their reactions. Takes rainbow six sig For example, its new operator Sens is currently running on test servers. If Sens’ new ROU projection has a very long run, Ubisoft can balance it out a little before the new season begins. Sens will be balanced according to players’ initial reactions, allowing for a smoother start to the season.

The fan base of Apex Legends is eager and ready to help make the game great

Apex Legends It’s been plagued with issues like poor server connections and lack of sound since it was first launched – issues players constantly bring to developers whenever possible. Not only that, almost every patch is offered Apex Legends It comes with its share of problems. Exploitable abilities, such as the old Rampart-Crypto combo that allowed a small cannon to be placed on a drone, effectively broke the game for several days until Respawn stepped in and fixed the problem. Broken weapons like the quick-fire ranger require the developers to remove the gun from the game in order to be patched. If crippled weapons, abilities, and features weren’t enough, Legends’ launch cases like Horizon and Seer made characters so outsmart that it took weeks and even months to get them into balance.

Apex Legends It has a large, dedicated fan base that wants nothing but the best for a battle royale game, which is why it’s so baffling that Respawn Entertainment hasn’t tapped into it yet. Given the number of people playing the game on a daily basis, Respawn can offer test servers to allow players to be more proactive in game development. Players can test out the new changes to the game and see if they like it or not. Respawn will have an easier time releasing each new patch if it allows players to act as slave testers for upcoming content. The introduction of test servers would surely spoil the surprise for each new season (data miners would have a field day searching the servers for unreleased ones). Apex Legends content), but it will serve the game better in the long run if its content is filtered by some of its fans before it is released to the general public.

It’s a beat mode. Players get to test upcoming content and provide their feedback, while developers can take notes and deliver the best game possible. This looks infinitely better than players waiting for content and Respawn releasing patches in poor condition – something that seems to happen in Apex Legends more often than not. If Respawn Entertainment wants to save time scouring the internet for player feedback and excessive staff work to find every bug, it should consider adding test servers so that fans can help out in a practical and immediate way.

Apex Legends Available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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