Apex Legends’ Newcastle has some great daddy dialogue

Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends It has proven to be a solid entry into the free battle royale genre. Apex Legends It is now in the 13th season of content and offers balance updates, new events, bug fixes, and most importantly new characters. It started earlier this month, and fans had quite a bit of time to get used to it Apex Legends The Season 13 map is being reworked and tweaked to its own ranking system, as well as an all-new Legend Newcastle.

Regular additions to its diverse roster are always exciting, and players are very pleased with them Apex Legends‘ New member. The shield-bearing defender is all about fortification and looks like a formidable new character, but he’s also a rather interesting one. Each legend has its own unique background and character, but Newcastle slightly breaks the mold of what players might expect from an armored hero and brings out his fatherly characteristics through his dialogue and motivation.

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Introducing Newcastle

Confirmed to be the missing brother of fellow Legend Bangalore, Newcastle is a former IMC soldier who has gone uninterrupted and presumed dead. But the complex nature of his background doesn’t stop there.

In order to hide from IMC and protect his sister Bangalore, Jackson Williams changed his name to Lamont Craig and settled in the sleepy town of Harris Valley where he started his new life, married and became a father. This is where he would have stayed if he had not accidentally witnessed city hero Newcastle fall victim to some gangster due to his unpaid debts. Witnessing the murder of Newcastle, Williams took the armor of the fallen hero and confronted the gangsters, striking a deal to join the Apex Games as a criminal fighter in order to protect the city and pay off the debts of Newcastle.

More than just a protector

With his complex background, his innate need to protect his town and family, and his skills as an ex-soldier, Newcastle is an interesting character. But what really sets him apart from his other Apex Games competitors is how much he has embraced his role as a father. Respawn wants to emphasize that he’s family man first, legend second, and that’s evident in everything from his dialogue to his father’s borderline body — a conscious design choice to undermine player assumptions of what a hero should look like.

His lines of voice consistently highlight his family and his role as a father, with comments such as “I can cook, clean, and defend my teammates” and “If we win this, I swear I’ll all bake a big red cake.” In addition to his determination to protect everyone and make Harris Valley proud, no Newcastle still leaves time to crack some of my dad’s really horrible jokes, like “I must be a broken elevator, because I don’t plan to disappoint you” or the classic “I’m getting old on this armor.” He has just the right amount of cocky commentary and self-deprecating humor, as well as an irresistible desire to provide players and fellow rivals with a few words of wisdom and teaching moments like all the best parents do.

It’s not often that action games feature prominent fatherly characters who adopt all aspects of their parenting role, and Newcastle is the only known legend of marriage as well. “Wonderful dad” is a rare trope in hero shooter games, and it’s refreshing to see a proud dad with a typical vulgar sense of humor still clinging to him on the battlefield. While it remains to be seen if Newcastle will be a popular choice for gamers, it still breathes fresh air among the roster of characters.

Apex Legends Available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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