Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 Legend Tier List June 2022

Apex Legends Mobile Consists of a variety of legends to choose from. Word legend In Apex Legends it refers to the playable characters of the game. With the release of Apex Legends Mobile, we saw that most of the Legends came from the PC version of Apex Legends. These legends contain unique perks and abilities that make them stand out from each other. In this Apex Legends Mobile Tier list, we’ll divide Legends into layers, ranked from S to C according to their versatility and amount.

Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 Legend Tier List: Top Legends Ranking

In this list of levels, there is a will 4 Layers (S, A, B, C) We will give you the best recommended champion to add to your team. In addition, there will also be suggestions of the best heroes that you can try on your list to finish the quest in no time.

The selections below are the best heroes worth your time farming and upgrading to their maximum levels. The influence of their presence in battle is the factor that makes these heroes recommended to add to your list. Here, we’ll take an insight into the recommended characters.

S-Tier Legends


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bloodhound She is undoubtedly one of the most extraordinary legends when it comes to Aggressive and supportive. He can destroy his opponents with it omnipotenceand can provide some information to his teammates using Tactical ability. It is also easy to use, thus you don’t have to worry about using it properly. Bloodhound’s first unlockable feature resets his ultimate power every time he takes out an enemy; It is highly recommended to take full advantage of this feature.


Guide for Apex Legends Mobile Mirage
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Mirage he is professional a fraud Who can confuse his enemies by using his special abilities. It’s the best in its department, and can be used to get out of tough situations quite easily if used the right way. for him Ultimate Ability spawns 5 deployable bots that look Just like Mirage himself, making life difficult for opponents to track down the true Mirage. Players need to exercise this ability as much as possible, in order to master it and use it to gain a massive advantage.

Level 1 legends


Apex Legends Mobile, Apex Legends octane
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octane he is Speed ​​fun to use. His fast legs and fast turns make him very viable and versatile with any team setup. Octane is more than solo warriorbut this Ultimate Ability can be used to get his team out of trouble or rush into a group of players. Players will likely get along well with Octane, as it makes the game more fast with Steams And the jump platforms.


Apex Legends Mobile, Apex Legends Bangalore
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Bangalore He is one of those legends who are not used enough You have great potential. They can be used with strength and support, just like the Bloodhound. her defensive smoke launcher You can help her and her team to escape from any situation, while she rolling thunder Fires missiles at the specified radius and kills anyone within the radius.

Tarek mountain

Gibraltar guide
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Tarek mountain He is a defensive legend who can keep his team safe most of the time. It is used as a file Tank to block the enemies To get very close to the team, because he has the dome to protect his team, and the absolute ability to keep his enemies away from him. Gibraltar comes with a shield and puts it to use whenever you use it ADS (sight shooting). This makes it difficult for opponents to take him down.

B-Tier Legends


Apex Legends Mobile, Apex Legends Lifeline
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Lifeline He is the best supportive legend In Apex Legends Mobile, but its overall capabilities pushed it down the list a bit. Could you Revitalize players even without having to stay close to themIt can provide the team with survival equipment; It can largely solve the worry of having to carry healing tools. Lifeline can be used as a full support legend who can keep the team alive and kick it off.


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Pathfinder is a very skilled legend requires Precise positioning of crosshairs. Players can use Grappling hook to reach higher structures, which results in an altitude advantage. The hook of the hook can grapple until it reaches a medium range, thus players need to practice shooting the crosshairs correctly, as it can provide better movement during combat.


Apex Legends Mobile and Apex Legends
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Wraith It plays a role similar to octane. she She runs in and out of the void and attacks her opponents without fear. to her omnipotence It allows players, and even opponents, to run into the void and out from a distance. she Dimensional remote carrier Who can use it to get out of an area with a group of enemies, have them enter the void, and lock them up at the other end.

C-Tier Legends


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caustic Possesses poisonous gaseous abilities That used to focus on controlling the area. He controls his territory with the help of his abilities, making him a single player. He does not consist of abilities that can contribute to the team much, which is why his name is on the list. However, no doubt He can catch a number of players using his invading abilities Which has the ability to slowly weaken his opponents.

last thoughts

Legends are listed according to their versatility, and players do not have to ignore the legends below tier S. Each player will have a different playing style and different legends to suit their play style. Hence, a Class C legend can be just as effective as the Class S legend, in specific cases. Try all the legends, and choose the one that suits you best.

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