Apex Legends Mobile: Best Mirage Build

players Apex Legends They can finally pursue their dream of being Apex champions with their own mobile phone Apex Legends: Mobile. As Respawn Entertainment fans would expect, the developers have translated and improved some of the best mechanics Apex Legends To be as efficient as possible in mobile format. In turn, fans can access some of their wildest climax Play from the comfort of their mobile device. And for fans who understand the game’s meta, this makes Mirage One of the best legends to play with.

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Unlike other myths, Mirage has a supernatural ability to repeat itself precisely to confuse opponents. Those who end up cheating are having a hard time, as Mirage and his allies can go down and do the killing. However, how can players maximize his toolkit?

4 Mirage: Confusion is strength

Although classified as offensive legendMirage specializes in shock and awe tactics. With his trick-or-treat combo, Mirage relies on confusing opponents with his puppets and catching enemies by surprise while tricking them. Mirage may be a clown, but opponents almost always have no idea if they are up against Mirage or one of his clones. Strategies when using it include:

  • Breathe all the time:
    Unlike other legends who almost always need their skills in combat, Mirage can act as a replacement for Recon Legend thanks to his decoy. Players should always spread the Mirage decoy in the general direction where they think the opponents may be, and this can either be where they are facing, on their back or to the flank. This is useful, because the traps always say when they are being shot, giving Mirage and his team some time to prepare.

  • Never hesitate to Ultimate:
    Given the utter chaos that Life Of The Party can provide, Mirage under heavy fire should not hesitate to use this to regroup or hide. The confusion this provides to other enemies can give Mirage time to escape and even shoot, making this perfectly practical for emergency healing.

  • Teammates must hide when they are:
    Due to Mirage’s Passive, teammates must hide on instinct when landing, so Mirage can safely reach and revive them. This can result in a sudden return and clutches when used in the correct position.

3 Skills: all about clones

Unlike other offensive legends, Mirage doesn’t have any aggressive teleportation or damage rating worthy. Instead, he uses his clone to confuse opponents and seize the opportunity to eliminate them quickly and loosely. At the right player’s hand, Mirage’s skills can turn him into an offensive and defensive legend, depending on the play style used.

Negative: Now You See Me Adds Support Capability

Despite his status as an offensive legend, Mirage has her Now you see me (negative) as a primary support capacity. In essence, Mirage can become invisible whenever he revives his teammates and uses the Respawn Beacon. This is very applicable in extreme situations, especially when enemies are around the player. If players hid well enough, they could revive an ally and pounce on the clutch.

Tactical: Go for Bamboozle

Perhaps the basic ability of Mirage, Self out (tactical) It is his ability to move. When prompted, Mirage can launch a copy of himself in a specific direction and confuse the enemy. Mirage can press a button for the clone to copy its movements.

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While the decoy has very low HP, they say an indication that they were once cloned – prompting Mirage and his opponents. Through Psyche Out, Mirage becomes the perfect vandal.

Ultimate: The life of the party adds to the confusion

The only ability that makes the Mirage Legendary is a disturbing first-class legend. Life of the Party (Final) It allows Mirage to simultaneously fire five traps around him. All of these clones can be “controlled” and copy the movements of the Mirage.

At worst, Mirage and his three teammates plus his clones and other active Psyche Out means there can be about nine players roaming around at once. In clutch situations, Life Of The Party can easily turn the tide in hang-up combat.

2 Legendary Perks: Traps to Win

foot in Apex MobileAnd the Legend Advantages They are amateurs and have special advantages that can be applied to skills. Its benefits are not so great unlike other games, and at first glance it may seem insignificant. However, for long-distance battle royale matches, Mirage’s toolkit can maximize these buffs to emphasize his role as a distraction on the battlefield.

Look there!

As much as Mirage is a myth with deadly efficiency, the fact remains that having to press a button to deploy a decoy is an extra step in his toolkit process. This part can mean the difference between life and death, so it makes sense for players to be extra careful when using his combination. Look there! It will try to lighten that load, as this feature instantly publishes a clone when Mirage’s health drops to 50 percent.

This is very useful, especially since this is another additional decoy that has been deployed in the Mirage arsenal. Even in a solo situation, a Mirage who waited to gain 50 percent health can deploy one copy of this perk, another copy of his tactic, and another five of his Ultimate – for a total of eight Mirage roaming around at once!

bamboo cloak

If the enemy can shoot the decoy of Mirage, Mirage is likely already close and waiting. Enemies with sharp eyes can spot players immediately after they shoot a decoy, which means that Mirage players usually only have a few seconds to prepare for a penalty shootout. thanks for the bamboo cloak, this time is extended. In essence, Bamboozle Cloak will transform an invisible mirage for two seconds after losing his cloak. This disappearance lasts for two full seconds or until the Mirage is launched.

While roaming, this invisibility gives Mirage time to hide and catch enemies by surprise. And in combat, this gives Mirage a chance to reposition himself in large maps – whether it’s to strike back at an enemy, or head out to an ally who needs to be revived. After all, if Mirage turned invisible when reviving an ally, an opponent chasing Mirage in a Bambusel cloak might not be able to catch him visible in that gap!

killer momentum

Since there is no damage in Mirage’s Ultimate, it makes sense that Life Of The Party (Ultimate) would have a faster cool-down period compared to other Ultimates. Mirage who can benefit killer momentum He can reach the Ultimate really fast often, since this feature gives him 50 percent cooldown time whenever he uses a Finisher.

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This feature can motivate Mirage players to truly live in the nature of the attack legend, and make more use of their clones. In the midst of this moment, he transforms the Deadly Momentum Mirage into a tyrannical force. Imagine a third party teaming up, and Mirage using his Ultimate team to confuse enemies with his clones. Being able to kill two opponents in the process gives him access to another group of clones at first!

1 Weapon Equipment: Near Surprises

Due to the slight complexity of spinning in the mobile platform, Mirage players can use this opportunity to wreak havoc and kill. With this in mind, Mirage’s ideal weapons are those that allow him to switch strategies instantly depending on where opponents are, and are reliable enough to shoot quickly when prompted.

Basic: VK-47 Flatbed (assault rifle, heavy)

A competitor to the R-301 Carbine in the assault rifle class, and VK-47 fixed line It dominates the game in terms of automatic shooting in close-to-medium distance combat.

While its rate of fire isn’t as powerful as the R-301, the Flatline excels when it comes to a decent magazine size and expected recoil. In the hands of Mirage who should always be ready for a quick escape, Flatline is a reliable shot.

Secondary: EVA-8 Auto (rifle, shotgun)

Similar to other guns, the EVA-8 Automatic It also uses exclusive shotgun rounds. In the hands of the Mirage, the EVA-8 Auto is a reliable companion at close range, especially in chaotic situations where he and his clones are busy deceiving opponents at close range.

While its damage output isn’t as high as a Peacekeeper, EVA-8 Auto’s reliable random shooting, tight pellet spread and faster reloading can make it a consistent companion that ensures the Mirage will survive.

Apex Legends: Mobile Available for iOS and Android devices.

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