Apex Legends Mobile Beginner’s Guide: Tips and Tricks to Become a “Champion”

After a long wait, the much awaited royal shooter from Electronic Arts has finally arrived on Android and iOS devices. The free to play title is now available for players to download and play on their devices.
If you are new to the world of Apex Legends and planning to try your newbie’s luck, there are certain things about the game that you should know before you jump into the battlefield.
To help you understand Apex Legends MobileIn this article, we have compiled a comprehensive list of game-specific tips and tricks that can help you earn the mark of “Champion”.
Get the right basics for the game
It is important to get the basics right for the game. Now, Apex Legends is a very demanding game and requires some serious resources to run. However, the game also comes with different graphics settings and options to improve its performance depending on the device. So, before jumping into the battlefield, make sure that the graphics settings of the game are set in accordance with the capabilities of the device and the availability of a reliable and stable Internet connection.
We also recommend that you use an EA Account as your primary login method. If you don’t have an account, create one and use it to log in to Apex Legends Mobile. It is also important to note that the game also offers different ways to sign in – Facebook, Guest, Google account, and Apple account.
Choose your mobile gaming expertise level and HUD style
Once you log in, the game will ask you to select how much experience you have with mobile games or Apex Legends. You will get four options – no mobile shooting experience, mobile shooting experience, Apex Legends mobile shooting experience, Apex Legends + mobile shooting experience. Choose the option based on your skill level.
Next, choose the HUD style. There are two options – the first one is more familiar with the other Battle Royale games out there and the second one is Apex Legends style. Again, choose the one you like and you can also change it later from the settings.
Complete the Rookie tutorial
Most people skip the game’s tutorial. If you are new, we recommend following the tutorial as it will give you the basic concepts of the game. Through the Rookie tutorial, the game will teach you the basics like sliding, climbing, shooting, picking, bunting your teammates, and more.
Learn your legends
Apex Legends comes with many legends to choose from. Obviously, you’ll need to unlock it by playing the game. Each legend in the game comes with its own perks and you will need to know them in order to find the right legends based on your play style. This will not only improve your gameplay, but also make you a trusted member of the team.
Game Tips

  • Like every battle royale game, you will jump on the battlefield with almost nothing. You need to find the loot which depends entirely on luck and location. But it is important to find the right weapon, accessories, and perks based on your playing style. Experiment with weapons at the training range to find the right one for you.
  • Understand the importance of colors in the game – white is common, blue is modded, purple is epic, and gold is legendary. In the game, items will be marked with these colors. Also, try to find high-rarity items to upgrade.
  • Test your team’s communication on the items you found, but don’t order them. This will help your team be better equipped.
  • Connect with your teammates for better and coordinated gameplay. Use headphones or earphones if available.
  • Shields are important. So keep recharging your shield and also collect shield recharge tanks while roaming around the map.
  • Watch for circle and round ads. Also, make sure you’re inside the circle the whole time.
  • Enable auto capture to grab the look faster. You can always get rid of items you don’t need later.
  • Enable auto fire if you are a beginner or not very good at shooting.
  • Try different legends to better understand their power and your playing style.
  • Use sliding mechanics to move faster and dodge attacks.
  • Enhance your legends by unlocking more perks.

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