Apex Legends IMC Armory Guide: How It Works, Location, and Strategy

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With the arrival of Season 13 of Apex Legends, we’ve seen a number of changes made to the Storm Point map. The update addressed the stolen RNG issue by including IMC repositories throughout the map. These are similar to Bloodhound Trials on World’s Edge but the big difference between them and other higher level loot sources is that you get the items you need. IMC weapons drop items based on what you and your teammates need if you can complete the challenge in a limited time.

All IMC Armory sites

Currently, there are four IMC armories that can be located in Storm Point. They are available in the four corners of the map and each can only be used once per match. Here are the locations of all IMC’s arsenal:

  • North Cenote Cave (southwest of Storm Point)
  • Western Fish Farms (southeast of Storm Point)
  • West of the Wall (Northwest of Storm Point)
  • Eastern View Thunder (Northeast Storm Point)

There are a total of four armories and all of them will likely be contested at the start of the game except for those near Thunder Watch. The landing ship doesn’t travel near the armory most of the time, and players often tend to run to the Lightning Rod rather than head to the armory first.

With all four locations close to the edges of the map, you should head to the armory as soon as possible. Once the first zone starts to close, you’ll have to clear the armory out of the zone, which is a waste of time as you have to spin around in the next loop at that time. Heading early also ensures that you don’t end up in an empty armory that has already been cleared.

How to use IMC Armories in Apex Legends

As you approach the IMC Armory, you will notice a decrease in the ramp to be able to enter. If you notice that the armory is open before you get close, it’s possible that enemies have already looted the armory and you won’t find anything useful. If you notice that the armory door does not open even when you are near it, the enemies are still inside and you should be careful.

After entering the IMC Armory, you will notice that there are six random weapons for you to choose from. This is a great thing that Respawn Entertainment has included where you can actually head to the armory right from the landing spot and get weapons to fight with. Do note that you won’t get any extra ammo before the activity starts.

Players can pick up weapons if they want to. Otherwise, you can just start the Armory Activity right away. It is recommended that you start the challenge only after all your teammates have entered. There is a teleporter that allows mates to enter if they are locked, but it doesn’t always work and if enemies are nearby they may be captured and die.

After launching the Armory Challenge, you will need to defeat waves of ghosts for a full minute. If you are injured, the ghosts that spawn will drop the appropriate healing items. You will also receive ammo matching the weapon you are using. Make sure you are using both of your weapons if you need ammo on both, otherwise you will only receive ammo for your active weapon.

It’s also a great opportunity to upgrade your EVO’s armor because damaging Spectra allows you to level up your armor. After completing the confrontation, you should receive two loot chests each with the value of loot. If you complete the confrontation before 60 seconds, you will receive additional loot in the center of the armory with three legendary items. If you take too long to complete the activity, you will receive one loot chest each.

How to escape from IMC weapons safely

After you finish looting the IMC Armory, recover and prepare to get out. You can use the controller you used to start the activity to set up the launch pad that will launch you into the air. This is where things get tricky as enemies may press on the top of the armory to trap you inside. Several characters can prevent you from getting out of the armory and you must be aware of any surrounded opponents.

Most ranked teams usually run a replay character and you should try to scavenge for enemies with a character like Seer or Bloodhound to find out which enemies might be present. Using the Gibraltar bubble to escape can also be very useful.

Tips for using IMC Armories

Here are some tips that can help you get the most out of your IMC repositories:

Create defenses: You can place caustic traps or Rampart shields to ensure that the ghosts are removed as quickly as possible. Caustic Traps will allow you to spot and passively damage enemies throughout the encounter while Rampart shields can give you a damage boost and block incoming damage.

Ping Loot for allies: You should ping any loot that you don’t pick up from your friends’ IMC repositories. And you shouldn’t loot other people’s chests before they take what they need because you could put your team at a disadvantage.

Turbocharger: Picking up a ruin or devotion before heading to the armory, or picking up one from the armory itself can be very helpful. The Havoc is one of the best weapons in the game this season and you are very likely to get a Turbocharger from the Armory if you have one equipped.

Clear as quickly as possible: You must try to remove the weapons as fast as you can to get the 3 extra legendary items. Giving you a Gold Backpack for Gibraltar, Lifeline or Newcastle can make the difference between winning or losing a game in clutch situations. The golden helmet can also be very useful as it will allow you to use your abilities and alarms frequently.

Warehouse Hot Drop: If you notice enemies trying to compete for an armory, you can choose to enter one directly instead of grabbing a nearby loot. You will be given six weapons that are enough for three players, and by closing the armory and starting a confrontation you will protect yourself while also being able to grab all the loot.

IMC weapons can make a huge difference in a match due to the clever loot and you should try to make use of them whenever you can. Similar smart loot drops will likely be added in the future on other maps as it removes a lot of uncertainty when it comes to loot in Apex Legends.

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