Apex Legends: Featured quotes from every legend

With Apex Legends The 13th season has just started, there are a lot of new and exciting features coming to the popular Battle Royale video game. While not close to cartoons like It is an electronic gameAnd Apex Legends He has more than a little comedic magic.

Edgelords Revenant and Caustic often find their respective seriousness hilariously undermined by Mirage’s pork-eating behaviors and Pathfinder’s helpful banter. But most vocal lines from mythology build their characterization, adding character and backstory to Apex Legends.

Today display

10 Lifeline

“Next time. Next time you’ll do better.” “Just because we are in a fight does not mean that a friend has to die. Pachin Mah Business” “Mozambique is here.”

Apex Legends: Why Lifeline Is The Most Important Character In Arenas

Lifeline, AKA Ajay Che, was one of the original legends available for use when the game came out, and although other supporting characters have joined the roster, it remains one of the most popular legends. Her voice lines do a great job of adding her fun, semi-satirical personality.

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After she’s killed by Lifeline she’s heard that “next time you’ll do better” doesn’t make anyone feel any better, although hearing her joke as she salutes might be a small solace. And her pronunciation “Mozambique” is still laughable after several years Apex release.

9 Luba

“You refresh my life. Thanks Keri!” “The black market is here. In the mood for some shopping?” “Gold goes well with diamonds like me.”

Apex Legends Luba Eating

Since joining climax In season five, Loba was the game’s final stolen sprite, along with playing in the women’s killer cup. Her voice lines not only support this, but also show her connections to other legends, especially the Valkyrie. Luba and Valkyrie constantly flirt with each other if they are on the same team.

Luba also has one of the saddest backgrounds and a deep and lasting hatred for Revenant, who murdered her parents, and her disgust for him is evident in her lines. But the reason players choose Luba is because of her loot-gathering abilities. Her lines about the ultimate black market let all her teammates know that easy loot is nearby. And her being one of the most embodied characters means that more story-driven lines will definitely come to Luba.

8 caustic

“Entropy is the natural arrangement of the universe. I simply catalyze the process.” “I don’t care who gets killed. As long as I can notice he’s dying.” “Don’t be fooled, I’m a man of science.”

Apex Legends Caustic Nerf

One of the more serious legends, Caustic’s voice lines reveal a character that’s more than a little scary. He has an extensive streak of mad scientists, and his obsessions with death and death-related mechanics only add to his character who is not entirely sane.

His Nox gas tanks have been dangerous traps since the game’s launch, and his agonizing dialogue matches his gameplay, as he’s the only Legendary tank without healing powers. But his ability to slow down his opponents and deny them space has kept him popular among players.

7 Mirage

“It’s a good day to take some fools and go back in time for dinner! I got the pork chops tonight. I love the pork chops.” So I like to have a little fun. So what? Bamboozles are for idiots. Yes, I said that.”

Mirage gives his fist to his company.

if Apex Legends He had a unique spell, which would be the Mirage. Part god of trickster, and stand-alone comedian, 3D legend has been a staple since the game’s 2019 release. Nothing is quite as annoying as hearing many variations of “bamboozled” when users fall into one of his predictions.

His fun-loving nature is a much-needed balm compared to more serious legends, despite the fact that his sense of humor doesn’t always connect. Although that is certainly part of its charm. Although it is not used extensively in the higher ranks, it is adequately fixed in less serious public matches.

6 Bangalore

“The flat line here. It hits harder than 301, but it’s hard to control.” “Clips are what kids use in their hair, and that’s called a journal.” “Real men using iron sights? Heh, I’m using heavy artillery.”

Apex Legends Bangalore

Despite ostensibly one of the more serious legends, Bangalore, AKA Anita Williams, has some of the most inadvertently funny voice lines of any character. Her habit of giving a quick description, as well as the pros and cons of not just nearly every weapon but every item, is pretty funny.

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Although it is easy to see Bangalore offering some of these lines with a tongue-in-cheek smile, they are often very serious. Bangalore Heavy Weapons Collection helps define how professional and focused this is on gadgets climax The prop is.

5 Watson

“Their fence in, their fence out.” “I’m Current-Ly at the top of my game! Get it?” “Your energy will return to the atmosphere. Hey, maybe that’s what ghosts are!”

Apex Legends Watson with a pistol

While the first season of Legend Mirage has a reputation as the funny guy, Wattson is definitely the best. Its usefulness is based on preventing opposing players from entering rooms and buildings with its distinctive electric fences, so its gameplay has changed over the seasons, as well as its use since the introduction of Wattson’s second season.

Besides the sound lines, Wattson boasts some of the most fun and interesting skins in the game, which only adds to her fun-loving personality, all of which seem almost out of place in a fierce battle royale game.

4 Revenant

“They made me a killing machine. Who do I argue with about programming?” “You don’t want to see this up close, Leather Bag.” “Everyone will die”

Apex Legends Revenant Season 4 Art

Part human, part robot, every edge is the best way to describe the evil slayer Revenant. Whereas other legends have, at most, the thrill of the athlete with the murder required in Apex LegendsRevenant enjoys it. The lines of his voice turn toward the dramatic, but still have an unsettling angle.

His interactions with Luba in particular are particularly telling, given their history. His screams “Everyone dies!” As players launch from dropship at the start of every match really sets the tone for this Season 4 plus climax.

3 seer

“If we are defeated, we will still make it beautiful.” “I’m fighting on behalf of the singles… which could be any of you, I believe.” “Let them stare. What they see is mine to choose.”

Everything revealed in EA Play Live 2021 Apex Legends Emergence Seer

Since the explosion on the Apex Legends A scene in Season 10, Seer was one of the most powerful characters and characters in the game. His abilities are based on revealing the location of enemy players, and his ending in particular is considered one of the most useful, in which Sir and his teammates show not only the position of rival players, but also their health and stride.

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He has the heart of a poet, and despite fighting in a blood sport, he has an artist’s perspective on the battlefield, looking to find beauty not only in carnage but in other legends.

2 Newcastle

“The defender of the weak, the innocent, and—who am I kidding? Everyone’s back.” “Another story to add to the Newcastle legend.” “Life has its ups and downs. Unfortunately, you are frustrated.”

Newcastle stands victorious with its shield

Only time will tell how the fan community receives the latest addition to Apex Legends, Newcastle. His abilities straddle the line between tank and wizard, but he also has some interesting movement traits. His lines of voice support confidence in the jocks, but with a dash of friendly competition.

The current Newcastle interest is most intrigued by his real name, Jackson Williams, the supposed brother of Bangalore. So far, they have a dynamic younger sister/big brother, whom Newcastle often teases. As the seasons progress, this is sure to deepen.

1 Pathfinder

“A match a day keeps the doctor away! I’m just joking, I’m made of metal.” “Excuse me, I killed you on purpose.” “You did a really humble job, friend!”

Apex Legends Pathfinder Characters

More than a few characters are designed to be funny, but no one tops the health neglect of Season 1 Pathfinder. one of the original climax Characters, Path has remained a fan-favorite, although it has been reduced to its signature grappling hook making it more difficult to use.

A big part of that is his playful voice lines. The way he is presented has a vocal quality that adds to the humor, when players use him, and adds to the frustration when players get killed at his hand. His insistence that all the other legends are friends with whom he plays is a wonderfully comic touch.

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