Apex Legends: 10 Rarest Skins and How to Get Them

Skins are a prominent feature in almost every battle royale game, and Apex Legends is no exception. Apex Legends It is considered one of the best games for newcomers in the genre, similar to It is an electronic gameAnd Call of Duty: War ZoneAnd fall men. Its skins cannot be underestimated either, with well-detailed and carefully crafted character designs to enable players to craft their own legend.

These customizations are available in the form of skins, and players can have outfits that can be earned and often can be purchased. Players must remain vigilant, as some skins available to them may only be obtained during certain events. And some skins have massive drop rates that can only be obtained through Apex packs – loot boxes that provide random cosmetics.

Today display

dark cloud (caustic)

Dark Cloud skin from Apex Legends.

Dark Cloud is a unique layer that belongs to Legend, Caustic, as it has basic requirements that must be completed before the player even thinks about getting it. This, along with his short appearance, made him a desirable complexion that could only be obtained by forging the Divine Right Skin.

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This skin is very similar in appearance to the Dark Cloud skin, except for the fact that it is from a different color palette. In contrast to the white outfit with an eye stripe, the Dark Cloud skin features a black outfit with a black eye stripe. It was last seen in May of 2019, and required 10,5,000 Legendary Tokens, along with the aforementioned Divine Right Skin.

trophy hunter (kaoi)

The Trophy Hunter skin in Apex Legends.

caustic legend Owns the legendary exclusive skin, The Trophy Hunter. This skin has two basic conditions, BlackhearR Skin and 10,5,000 Legend Tokens. He wears a thick white overcoat along with the torso-equipped tactical items, and on top of it all, he features a mask resembling a mostly white gas mask with two black filters sticking out from each side of his cheeks.

The Trophy Hunter debuted in April of 2019 and made its most recent comeback in April of 2022. As of March 2022, only 0.005 percent of players use skin, which is a sign of its rarity. Players should note that it is a recolored version of the Blackheart skin.

Shell Shock (Gibraltar)

Shocked skin in Apex Legends.

Shell-Shocked is an exclusive Legendary skin belonging to Legend GibraltarAnd A clever recolor of the ride or death skin that belongs to the same legend. Although this game is one of the best first-person shooter games, it is unfortunate that the user of this skin has a limited perspective to see.

It should be noted that the Ride or Die skin is a requirement for players who want to unlock this skin, along with 6,500 Legendary Tokens. With a yellow jacket and orange hard hat, the leather is clearly taking inspiration from the equipment usually worn by construction workers. This, combined with the bright green long-sleeved shirt and steel orange cuffs makes for a pop of skin that will surely attract the envy of others. Shell-Shocked last appeared in February of 2022.

midnight cipher (cipher)

Midnight Cipher skin in Apex Legends.

This skin first appeared as part of the Prince of Darkness bundle back in the Fight or Fright 2020 Event For legend, cipher. The skin reappeared during the Monsters Inside Event in 2021 as part of a bundle. This legendary Crypto skin is a coveted item that has only been shown twice so far.

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Its opposition to the cool and modern Crypto sparked a lot of interest among Legend fans, as it was a skin fit to play even after the scary season ended. Since then, players have demanded that the skin pack be reintroduced. Midnight Cipher skin has a 0.005 percent utilization rate between Apex Legends social communication.

Vaporwave (Watson)

Vaporwave skin in Apex Legends.

Legendary exclusive skin, Vaporwave, It only appeared once. It appeared on the Apex Store in January of 2020 as a recoloring of the Fly-By-Wire skin belonging to Legend, Wattson. As the name suggests, the skin’s main attraction for players is the vibrant colors that cover the character’s appearance, style, and vaporware-like rhythm as players maneuver it.

To unlock skins, players had to obtain the Fly-By-Wire skin, as well as fund making it with 6,500 Legendary Tokens. Players are still mourning the disappearance of the skin and eager for a replay.

Theater Center (Mirage)

Center Stage skin in Apex Legends.

Center Stage is the legendary skin exclusive to Mirage. With a predominantly red-and-white complexion, her red sports goggles and ski-like gear make her look so radiant she’s sure to catch the eye of friends and foes alike once on the battlefield.

It was last seen in November of 2021 when it was available for 1,800 Apex Coins, or for players interested in crafting it, they could do so with an Angel City Hustler skin and 10,500 Legendary Tokens. Only 0.004 percent of players have equipped and crafted a skin to the battlefield, as of March 2022.

Born in Blood (Gibraltar)

He was born in the skin of blood in Apex Legends.

This skin was part of an exclusive bundle, more specifically the Fight or Fright 2020 event and The Monsters within Event. In its first edition, a file Tarek mountain The skin costs 4,000 Apex coins, as players have been given other cosmetics besides it. However, in Monsters within Event, the price has been reduced to 2,150 Apex coins.

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The skin is distinguished by the pupil of Gibraltar With solid sclera and blood red skin. It was instantly popular among game fans as it stood out at the time compared to most other formats, not to mention the popularity of Gibraltar as a legend at the time.

Hack Frost (Encryption)

Hack Frost skin in Apex Legends.

Hack Frost It was a legendary Crypto skin that has appeared a total of three times over the years – first in 2019, then in 2020, and finally in December of 2021 during Holo-Day sales as part of a package. A snow-covered costume with a pale blue complexion, the character’s frozen hair standing at the end as if frozen at its height.

No doubt when players first saw this skin, they immediately thought of the popular holiday character, Jack Frost. Due to its iconic appearance, it has been widely coveted by gamers as an exotic video game skin suitable for collecting, however, Hack Frost’s usage rate is only 0.003 percent, making it the least damaged skin.

SRVN MRVN (Pathfinder)

SRVN MRVN skin in Apex Legends.

Stylish and modern, these two words are the most appropriate to use when describing this leather. Belonging to Pathfinder, SRVN MRVN skin puts the cute robot in one of the most tragic dramas in it Apex Legends In a tuxedo-like finish featuring gold lining, a black hem, a crinkled mustache adorning Legend’s lips, and a fancy red bow tie.

This skin has appeared in four appearances, most recently in February of 2022 as part of a bundle and only 1,800 Apex coins are in the Apex Item Store. Note that it also features recolored friendly fire. It is a less attractive version, but it is attractive nonetheless.

octane (octane)

Clocktane skin in Apex Legends.

As the name suggests, the theme of this skin is time, as the Legend Octane has a clock in the center of their chest. This skin has been highly acclaimed by both gamers and Octane fans alike, with its cool and interesting design.

Clocktane is the skin that recreates the character in a predominantly gold outfit with a green watch standing out as the main theme of the skin. It recently appeared as part of a bundle in February of 2022.

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