Apex Legend Mobile Beginners Guide

If you are new to Apex Legends Mobile and don’t know where to start, Android Police is here to help you. We have compiled a guide that teaches players how to survive their first battle royale match, introducing the legends of this game (characters) with outlining the game features/modes available upon release.

So, if you have watched the hands-on review of the stable version and were intrigued to explore what the latest and greatest battle royale on mobile has to offer, now that Apex Legends Mobile is officially available worldwide, it is time to prepare for that first leap.


Once you install the Apex Legends Mobile Android app, you will have a few steps to complete before entering the tutorial. The first step involves verifying your age and agreeing to the game’s Terms of Service agreement. Next, you will choose the basic login method, where you can login with your Google account, EA account, Twitter, Facebook or login as a guest.


Select your default settings; This can be reconfigured at any time. We recommend choosing “No mobile shooting experience (automatic shooting will be enabled)” or “Experienced mobile shooting game” depending on your convenience and background in mobile shooting games. Once you are prompted to choose your HUD display, the options are “HUD1 – Classic Setting” and “HUD2 – Top Style” so choose one based on your preference.

Rookie tutorial

During the tutorial, you’ll work with Mirage to learn the basics of the game, things like sliding, climbing, shooting, and picking up items and banners for your teammates. Once you have completed the tutorial, you will be able to register as a legend and choose your username.

How to play Battle of Kings: Apex Legends Mobile Mode

We’ve collected some tips for beginners to help you survive the early matches.

  • Loot depends on luck, but finding the right weapon that fits your playstyle will help you adapt to Apex Legends Mobile more quickly. Consider trying the Peacemaker if you prefer close encounters. You can test weapons at any time in the training range, which is definitely recommended.
  • Always choose the rarest items for upgrades. White is common, blue is rare, purple is epic, and gold is legendary. Memorizing these colors is key.
  • Turn on automatic loot capture more quickly; You can arrange your bag once you are safe.
  • Always be on the move, in order to avoid falling into a trap outside the constantly encroaching loop; If you’re playing as a legend who can increase movement speed, don’t be afraid to highlight the ability to get you back on the right track.
  • Use the ping system to let your team know where you want to go and loot you’ve found, this is still a team based shooter, so communication is vital!
  • Shields are your best friends, remember to increase the shields on your shields outside of battle. Shields are necessary to survive confrontations.
  • Eliminate your opponents using the termination tool. Once the enemy is eliminated, he will be in a state of fall, so you will need to use a terminator to complete the mission.
  • Use the sliding mechanic to improve movement. Combine jumping and sliding to move faster.
  • Feel free to try new legends; You will get maximum fun from playing a legend that you love. Each legend has its own specialty, and you will unlock more as you play. If you are new to Apex, we recommend starting with the offensive legends that focus on combat before moving on to the heavy legends that focus on the facilities.
  • Enhance your legends by unlocking more perks. Perks are unlocked by playing as selected Legends in matches.
  • Legends have different hit chests (large, medium, and small), so the larger your legend’s hit chest is, the easier it is to score a shot. Gibraltar, Pathfinder, and Caustic all have the largest hit chest. The game is balanced around Hitboxes, so use abilities that prevent you from being a target.

Learn your legends (characters)

Each legend offers a unique background and a unique character that is part of the Apex lore, set in the Titanfall universe. Each legend has a set of abilities that can help you gain an advantage while playing. Deciding on your Legend will depend on your gameplay preferences and who you unlocked.

To view the available game legends, tap legends on the home screen and then tap details.


An offensive class that specializes in tactical combat, so you can gain an advantage in combat. She can run while being shot for a while (passive ability). It can also fire a smoke launcher to obscure the visibility in the (ability) area. Its ending is Rolling Thunder which fires a torch to summon an artillery strike that causes damage, slowing and blurring vision in the field.


A reconnaissance class specialized in tracking and learning the location of the enemy. It can detect tracks showing the location and time of enemy actions (passive ability). His ability reveals enemies, traps and clues through structures. Its ending increases movement speed and highlights nearby enemy paths. Classified as a reconnaissance legend, he can scan scanning beacons to reveal the next location of the episode.


Defensive class that specializes in poisonous gases to detect and trap enemies. His passivity allows him to see enemies within his gas. Its ability to drop six canisters of nitrogen oxide gas that enemies can shoot/unleash; Once the gas disperses, it will slow down and deal damage to nearby enemies. His final bomb, Nox Gas, fills an area of ​​Nox Gas that will slow down and damage the enemies within. Classified as a Defensive Legend, he has access to the passive that reduces incoming damage by 15% and is immune to bullet slowdown.


An offensive class that specializes in dimensional manipulation. The passive gives you a short boost of movement speed after a slide. His ability uses Void to teleport back to the situation he was in previously. The final stage room sends him all the legends in the range into the void. Noticeable: It is exclusive to Apex Legends Mobile and cannot be found in the main console/PC game.

Tarek mountain

Defensive class that specializes in creating armor for tank damage. Protects his passive upper body when aiming down. His ability creates a shield that prevents incoming damage if you’re inside. His final defensive bombardment sends a blow into a location that deals damage and stuns. Classified as a Defensive Legend, he has access to the passive that reduces incoming damage by 15% and is immune to bullet slowdown.


A supportive class that specializes in treating and supporting teammates. She can send a DOC to provide a shield and revive her teammates (passive ability). Her ability sends a drone to treat her nearby teammates, but if she takes damage while the ability is active, the healing will stop. Ultimately, her care package, calls for a closet that contains top-of-the-line equipment.


An offensive class that specializes in using holograms to deceive their enemies. Automatically wears the cloak when interacting with respawn beacons and when trying to revive teammates; As it falls, it will release a decoy and become invisible (negative ability). Its ability to spread trap. Reactivating the ability will make a decoy mimic its movements. His final movie, Life of the Party, sends out multiple versions that mimic his movements while the real Mirage remains invisible and moves faster.


An offensive class that specializes in mobility. He regenerates his passive health over time when he has not dealt any damage. His ability temporarily increases movement speed at the cost of his health. His Jump Pad summons a device that allows everyone to double-jump in the air. Noticeable: Unlocks for free when you start playing.


An entrepreneurial class that specializes in using the environment to quickly move around the map. It scans a negative scanning beacon to reveal where the next loop is, and its scans reduce slowing down its end. His ability to send a grappling hook to grab the surface – allowing him to rope from place to place. Ultimately, Zipline Gun, he creates a zipline for his entire team. Classified as a reconnaissance legend, he can scan scanning beacons to reveal the next location of the episode.


An offensive class that specializes in using dimension manipulation to enable flanking. The passive warns her of danger when she is spotted near traps and is targeted. Its ability to enter the vacuum allows it to move quickly without harming. The ultimate, Dimensional Incision, enables her team to move from one place to another by entering the portals.

How to unlock more legends

You can unlock more legends by playing any game mode to earn experience points. You can get more experience points by opening chests, completing daily newspapers, and doing well in matches (eg getting more kills).

Features and game modes

Selecting Camera, First Person Perspective (FPP), and Third Person Perspective (TPP) will control who is in your matches. Only players who choose FPP will be matched with other FPP players, while TPP players will be matched with other players using TPP. FPP will give you the traditional Apex experience, but TPP is there if you want a fluid gameplay and are familiar with the third person perspective. Playing in the third person perspective expands your field of view compared to the first person perspective.

The modes available to play are battle royale, rank, team deathmatch (3v3), tutorial, free training, and limited time (events) modes. To select a new game mode, click the tab on the left side of File Play button.

This game also features a battle card (free and premium) that rewards you with attractive in-game cosmetics. New missions unlock every week. You can also claim loot by completing daily and seasonal quests, which leaves you with plenty of challenges to work on during matches.

The outlook for Apex Legends Mobile

Seeing a mobile interpretation of a popular game that offers the same set of features on mobile is always a promising start. Apex Legends is a free AAA game, so the live port was a challenge with limited mobile performance, which makes the standalone mobile version very surprising. Of course, if you want to watch the game in action, we have recorded the gameplay for our hands-on training. And to become a champion in Apex Legends Mobile, you’ll need to get a head start – that’s why we’ve included the app’s Play Store tool below.

Main Menu Champion Apex Legends Mobile

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