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Looking back on last year, I think everyone would agree that New York Comicon was better than Anime NYC this past 2021…

So it’s Friday anyway.

There were definitely some tough tug-of-wars during this year’s Anime NYC, but it eased itself when the organizers finally got to grips with the situation with regards to streaks. Anime NYC 2021 definitely brought some solid hitters to the show and helped with what could have been a quiet end to the convention year in New York. While I personally felt this year was one of the weakest Anime NYCs, he still had the same love for Anime, Manga, and Japanese culture.

However, at the time of writing, it has been revealed that one person has been exposed to the Omicron variant of COVID-19. You’d expect something like this to happen in a bigger place like New York Comicon, but it just wasn’t the case. While they had security and staff to check on a COVID situation, it was too much for the crew and too heavy for them. If Anime NYC had done something similar to NYC, like having a blank plot around the center to check attendance status, that would probably reduce the chance of such an event. Unfortunately, they didn’t run like that and it resulted in a very bad first day that left a lot of anger, anger and disappointment. While the situation has evolved after a few days since I came to the spotlight on Anime NYC. For better or for worse.

But even from that story and the reactions to it, there’s no denying that it also brought a weekend of relief in such tough times. If you can stand the approximate opening day, it was generally satisfactory.

Another brief respite in a time of uncertainty

Now you might be asking, “Why is this event brought so many months later?” “Why don’t you write soon after the event?” I admit that because of the daily responsibilities and other stories that piled up soon after I could only squeeze in time on the weekends. And only if you are free on those weekends. But now that we’re in better shape after a few months, I feel there is some clarity I can write in terms of rather than an immediate review. Plus, it seems the regulators have since learned their lesson.

As with the New York Comicon, opening an agreement during a pandemic is on the one hand foolish and should not happen for the sake of safety. On the other hand, she gave good time to Otakus in New York. Putting aside COVID screening and line management for a moment, the opening area at the entrance is what you’d expect from previous years. there is the Great Destiny Medal A sign that they have resided every year since the first year. Some of the main differences are The attack on the Giants An art gallery at the entrance and of course the various banners from this season’s cartoons. Highlight cartoons like order of kings And Mamoru Hosada belle Movie. It was a distraction for any kind of fan if you were looking for it.

There was something Anime NYC presented that was different from previous years. There was a huge increase in the number of voice actors for animation and autograph sessions that were available at the center and the main floor was used for the event. Similar to the New York Comicon, there were kiosks and stalls for shopping and Artist Alley is always a pleasure to pass by and visit. If anything, it was a good idea to travel to the center and land again. Despite the global situation as it is, some of the booths have had to downsize to keep space in between like the former New York Comicon. But overall, it was held in a good way and I followed the center’s regulations. Although it was a bit disappointing because they couldn’t use the entire center and extension down.

Miho’s problem

If there was one big eventful booth, it was Mihoyo’s booth Jinshin effect and other properties. You don’t need to specify how successful it is Jinshin effect since its launch. When it was said that there would be merchandise to purchase from the series, needless to say, it was a big target for many in attendance. But then it was announced on their official Twitter that unfortunately this merchandise for Jinshin effect It has been stuck at customs, and will not arrive in time for the event. So now they had to make a change for the attendees who wanted the merchandise but didn’t know this news.

As expected from the conferences, people immediately rushed to the booth to get the goods and that created a huge crowd. Even with COVID guidelines and management, it has become too many people in one place especially when it is in front of the entrance to the exhibition hall. The management then decided that no matter which first 100 people are in the kiosk, they will be allowed to type in their email address to log in to buy Jinshin effect Goods online later. At the time of writing, I was able to get my acrylic holders ready about 4 months after the event. They even covered the shipping costs, which was nice of them. Although you can probably imagine the rush and chaos when racing for a place. Even now some fans are angry that they couldn’t get the good they were waiting for. And at the time of writing and being able to buy from the online pop-up store, prices vary widely compared to stores like Kinokuniya. For example, personalized acrylic holders sell for $15 each at the online store. In retail stores, they sell for $25 each. So in the end, if you are out of luck in Anime NYC, you will be paying a lot more now.

Gambling and change

So aside from a bad first Friday and the Mihoyo booth issue, the deal generally went as usual. Although if there is constant criticism of its conventions, it will be its size and direction. Especially regarding the COVID response to an attendee. Organizers and Anime NYC President Peter Tatara acknowledged the roughness and areas in need of improvement for that year in his post-show message. So in order to alleviate congestion and congestion, they have decided to reduce the limit on tickets sold. Limit getting this year’s badges to 4,500 3 days, 14,600 Fridays, 14,600 Saturdays, 14,600 Sundays, and 400 professional badges. Limit 2 for a 3-day ticket and 6 for a 1-day ticket. With baseline pricing with 3 days is $95, and one-day sale is $65. This is before taxes and convenience fees. So in total, you’ll pay around $110 for 3 days. Of course it is because of the recent global event in Ukraine and the rising costs around it. They acknowledged the price increase but unfortunately this had to be done to cover the costs.

Tickets launched on March 31st and as you can expect, the 3-Day Pass sold out within its launch hour. Naturally, people were not happy with how quickly it sold. With hindsight, this is what happens with New York Comicon tickets every year. So it really depends on how you feel. This is what organizers have to choose in terms of calculating costs, sponsors, locations and other factors that can change immediately. To balance logistics and sponsors, while trying to please fans and attendees. Many will say this is a fair trade, while others will say otherwise. Of course you can’t please everyone, so Anime NYC had to make a firm choice. Whether it’s a good call, we’ll have to wait until then.

Personally, I feel that this decision was justified. When I was there on the first day, it was clear that they didn’t have an organization like the New York Comicon in their handling of COVID screenings. Of course it was expected with the budget difference between them. Reducing badges to reduce overcrowding and reduce staff and attendance burden is fair trade. Even with Anime NYC being the smaller venue compared to NYC, it can be considered an advantage for attendance and for public safety. Now it will depend on whether they can balance it with the quality of the exhibitors, the paintings and the guest list. And now with the new COVID warnings, it will be difficult to maintain safety while keeping customers satisfied.

It remains to be seen if the Anime NYC organizers have learned from their mistakes. Will they take a serious stand on the safety of a slow return of COVID? Can they balance the price of admission while maintaining the quality reminiscent of the first year? Will the attendees know better and prepare for the situation? Lots of questions to ask. I can only hope the world and people have learned since then. The sooner we learn from this event and last year, the sooner we will come back to life and once again enjoy the anime, manga, and conference life again.

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