Anime Fell in Love Anime sparks a new love triangle

Science fell in love, so I tried to prove it It mainly focuses on the emerging romance between the handsome kuudere Yukimura Shinya and his passionate friend Himuro Ayame. But in the second season, the anime has She found time to explore a secondary love story that could soon rival the main pairing – but a developing love triangle might get in the way.

Inukai Kosuke and Ibarada Ena, two charming minor characters in the main cast, may be in love after all, but their relationship is about to reach a turning point. If Ina doesn’t act quickly, she could lose Kosuke to manga artist Yamamoto Arika, who understands him better than almost anyone else.

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Why would Kosuke choose Yamamoto Arika

It’s no secret that Kosuke loves 2-D moe girls so much that his classmates tease him for it, especially Ina herself. Kosuke takes pride in his hobby and pursues it with all his might, but the group date in Episode 7 made him doubt his hobby for the first time. He was ridiculed for being the only person dating a statue’s girlfriend, so in episode 8, Kosuke felt embarrassed and heroic. Yamamoto, who is also annoyed at being a manga artist in her early thirties or so, understands what Kosuke is going through.

While Kosuke had never expressed a romantic interest in Yamamoto before, he appreciated her sympathy and, better yet, used the Kinsey Scale—at Ena’s suggestion—to validate their lifestyles. Kosuke and Yamamoto did some social science experiments to see where people fall on the Kinsey scale in terms of 2D versus 3D girlfriends, and Kosuke had a great time.

Meanwhile, Ina only watched from the background, clearly upset seeing the two of them so friendly. However, Ena was a source of Kosuke’s insecurities rather than a solution to her, so he didn’t feel any reason to include her alongside Yamamoto’s enabler. As of Episode 8, Yamamoto appeared to be Kosuke’s #1 3D girl.

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Why might Kosuke still choose Ena

current events in Flag fell in love It is suggested that Yamamoto lead the race for Kosuke’s heart, but the love triangle will not be resolved so quickly. She still has fierce competition against the beautiful Chunibyo Ibarada Ena, who knows Kosuke more closely than Yamamoto does. While the latter can relate to Kosuke’s predicament, Ina has known him personally for years, and they have spent a great deal of time together from their childhood to the present day. There are many obvious signs of a healthy emotional relationship.

For one thing, Kosuke started reacting aggressively to just Inna’s sight, a reaction he had never seen before. It’s clearly love but a terrified Kosuke doesn’t feel ready, so he tries to control those feelings with the concept of “You’re only in love when you get to know him”, inspired by one of Shinya and Shinya’s last days’ experiences. Kosuke thinks he can hold his heart in, but he probably can’t hold on to that for long. There is no denying what he feels deep down.

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In contrast, Ina seems happier any time she’s around Kosuke, always smiling, laughing, and actively engaging in the world around her instead of napping on the couch. She also seemed visibly jealous when Kosuke and Yamamoto ran off for Kinsey scale experiments, and they’ll likely do something about it soon. If Ina confronts Kosuke directly and asks him to choose only one partner, he will likely choose her, no matter how closely related he is to Yamamoto.

Kosuke may single-handedly choose Yamamoto so that he feels in control of things or bonded with their mutual understanding. But if Ina makes a strong case for herself, it is supposed to tip the scales back in her favour, and it ends Flag fell in loveRomance Triangle sooner rather than later. Now’s the time to be more than just a different chubeo and help Kosuke decide what’s more important to both of them.

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