Animated movies to watch if you like Pompo: The Cinéphile

Movies about filmmaking can be surprisingly attractive. Behind the chatter about shot composition, editing, and getting actors on their mark, there can be a good subject for drama. Bombo SinEvilly She capitalized on this with her story about the film’s honorary producer who commissioned her colleague, Jane Finney, to turn a high-quality script into a high-quality film.

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still, Bombo It is just one movie. Once the 90 minutes are up, it’s over. What else Japanese comics Can movies help scratch the itch the movie gave its fans? Are there any other feature-length anime films about creative media successes? There are quite a few, surprisingly enough. From least similar to most similar, here are the animesBombo Fans should check.

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5 the wind rises

Comparison Bombo Hayao Miyazaki’s latest Studio Ghibli movie seems a little weird. the wind rises It is loosely based on the real-life history of Jiro Horikoshi, a young man who took up designing planes after being shortsighted who prevented him from flying them. but, Bombo It has been compared to the movie in reviews. Especially by IndieWire, who said Bombo “Whiteness (D) The Wounded Beauty of Hayao Miyazaki the wind rises All the way to 90 minutes of fun and happiness.”

Therefore, fans would not hurt to compare the two. specially ka Rises Her sweet pictures and story were praised. Unlike Jin, Horikoshi’s desire to design aircraft is undermined. Horikoshi was created in the early 20th century, to design fighter aircraft for the Japanese government. He has to make his way through them, their Nazi allies, and war on the horizon to preserve his love for his ailing girlfriend Naoko, and his love for airplanes.

4 Red pepper

Ostensibly, this psychological science fiction story has nothing to do (as it were) Bombo. It’s about a research psychologist fighting terrorism with the DC Mini, a new device that lets people look into their dreams and the dreams of others. It looks like an anime movie beginning from the cinema. However, it goes deeper than that. Red pepper It would end up being the last final film for its director, Satoshi Kon, to be completed before his death in 2010.

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The film shows his passion for cinematography by crossing the line between fantasy and reality. Where one ends the other begins, and whether they are opposites or not. While it is part of psychological arousal, Red pepper Kohn also expresses his interest and love for films and creative media. His dreams in his cinematic ambitions, and reality in his final work. As strange as its premise is, it does make the audience think. There’s still another Kon movie that’s more straightforward on its theme.

3 Millennium Actress

Satoshi Kon’s work often covered the ins and outs of media. perfect blue Use the film’s setting to tell the murder story of loss of identity and mental stress. his chain, Paranoia factorI talked about the power of urban legends and how they can affect people. Millennium Actress keep drama the wind risesapproaching the topic of filmmaking.

The film follows popular actress Chiyoko Fujiwara as she tells her life story to TV presenter Jinya Tachibana and her cameraman, Koji Ida. The two find themselves literally immersed in her memories, witnessing her downfall of a mysterious resistance fighter in occupied Manchuria, and her career as presented through her various film roles (her jealous older star presented as a geisha drama, etc.) Millennium Actress Brings love for the movie shown in BomboA sweet, bittersweet romance that will move even the staunchest of hearts.

2 Animation runner Kurumi-chan

It can be hard to find this movie nowadays and it is technically a two part OVA than a single movie. However, his subject matter is probably the closest to Bombo In his cute artistic style and filmmaking theme. Kurumi It tells the story of an anime fan named Mikiko ‘Kuromi’ Ogura who gets her dream job as an assistant at Studio Petit animation company. But then things get better when their big project manager develops, time tripsshe gets sick and names Karume as her successor.

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Now Kurumi has to help finish studio projects to schedule while maintaining the quality of their previous work. No cutting corners, or animation frames. OVA has had a DVD release back in the past via Central Park Media, although this was in 2004. However, it deserves to be obscured due to its charm and influence. Highlight it in the following example.

1 Shirobaku: The Movie

the original Shirobaku The anime told the story of five young girls – Aoi, Ema, Shizuka, Misa, and Midori – who made their way into the world of animation after they headed their high school’s animation club. Through their various talents, they help their studio, Musashino Animation, create two major anime projects. The movie catches up with them a few years later when they have to tackle their biggest project yet: an anime feature film for cinemas.

Despite Aoi’s skepticism about the studio’s resources, they acquire a new member of the studio – Kaede – who helps them make the most of what they have to produce a high-quality film at the value of national theaters. The show and movie were praised for their attention to detail and character development, particularly with main character Aoi. Anime News Network went so far as to say that it “lit up the anime world”. So, in terms of it being a filmmaking flick with a catchy look, Bombo Fans will find themselves at home more with Shirobaku.

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