9 Anime is better than miraculous ladybug

miraculous ladybug It is a cartoon of the French superhero co-produced with Zagtoon, Method Animation, and Toei Animation. It’s also often categorized as a magical girls series, which makes sense given its romantic themes and the various transformations that Marinette and her friends have had throughout the series. Although the writing is far from perfect, it is a charming show that includes relationships and themes that draw viewers in and leave them in a state of imagination.

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It’s not the only girl type magic show that manages to do this. There are a plethora of magical girl series coming of age with romantic elements, and many of them manage to handle themselves better than miracle. For fans of Ladybug and Cat Noir, there are plenty of other great options to fill while they wait for the next season.

9 Fruit basket handles emerging romantic feelings and deep emotional themes with grace

fruit basket It has been a classic since its original release. This fact is made even more true with the 2019 reboot release, which has been widely praised for having a beautiful art style and handling of personal relationships in a realistic and poignant manner.

The protagonist, Tohru Honda, is a beautiful girl who can see the best in everyone around her but struggles when it comes to herself. She is polarized by Sohmas and has to learn to navigate the many nascent relationships she forms with them, both platonic and romantic.

8 Sailor Moon is the love story of an immortal charming girl

It’s almost impossible to think of magical girl love stories without the classic major sailor moon comes to mind. He has also received a reboot in the form of sailor moon crystal, A more faithful adaptation of an updated art style, but there are plenty of fans who remain loyal to the ’90s original.

Usagi begins as a clumsy and hopeless crying child when it comes to romance, like Marinette. She has a warm, friendly aura that attracts others around her. The dynamic is similar to Usagi/Sailor Moon and Mamoru/Tuxedo Mask until their identities are revealed to each other as Love Square.

7 Maid Sama! LadyNoir Dynamic watch fans will feel familiar

Maid Sama! She may not be a witch girl or a superhero anime, but she is perfect for those who love the elements of a relationship miracle. The story revolves around Misaki Ayuzawa, a ruthless student council president who secretly works part-time at a maid cafe.

Her secret is discovered by fellow celebrity Takumi Usui, and it follows all sorts of bats as she tries to make sure he doesn’t expose her secret. It’s a happy hour that evolves over time into a true love story.

6 Madoka Magica deals with teens and crushes in a darker way

It’s hard to think of a magical girl anime with romantic themes without her The charming girl Madoka Magica comes to mind. It is much darker than miraculous ladybug But it deals with many of the same topics, including the struggles of adolescence and the difficulty of love confessions.

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Those who sympathize with Marinette’s struggle to be honest about her feelings for Adrien will sympathize with Sayaka, the perfect girl who just wants to win the affection of her crush. The way Homura and Madoka’s relationship develops is also likely to be a point of interest.

5 Shougo Chara! She is a wonderful classic romantic charming comedy girl

Shougo Chara! It is a magical girl anime and classic comedy that has just about everything miraculous ladybug You may want a fan. Amo is a shy girl who daydreams romantically about the prince of her school and struggles to be honest about her feelings.

Her magical guardians were born from her desire to change herself and the ability to act according to her true and inner personality. There’s so much romantic conflict between Amu, her initial crush Tadase, and the arrival of the new Ikuto that Love Square fans just won’t be able to get enough of it.

4 Toradora! It is a slow-burning, fantasy-written romantic comedy

remove the charming girl from the equation, Toradora! It is a fantastic romantic comedy starring Taiga Isaka and Ryūji Takasu. They start crushing on each other’s best friends and, too shy to admit their crush directly, enlist the help of each other to get their attention and affection.

From the first episode, it’s clear that Taiga and Ryuuji are supposed to be together, and that’s not supposed to be a secret. Instead, the show is about the journey of the characters themselves recognizing and accepting these feelings over time, a real treat for romance lovers.

It’s hard to find a better classic romantic comedy than Oran High School Host Club, This is especially true for fans miracle. Haruhi Fujioka is a hard working scholarship student at Ouran Academy who prefers to focus on her studies more than anything else.

One day, the clumsy got her into huge debt, and she ended up working as a hostess herself. The dynamics of she and Tamaki seem very similar to LadyNoir’s romantic squabbles, and there are hints of potential romance with other characters as well as those who enjoy exploring other options.

2 The Vampire Knight explores a love triangle in a fantasy setting

vampire knight It’s not a perfect series, but the dynamic love triangle between Kaname, Yuuki, and Zero is exciting, with plenty of tense moments throughout the series. It’s great for those who want to see more dramatic and dangerous moments between Love Square members.

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Yuki is an optimistic girl who becomes incredibly confused about her lover, Kaname, who is also the most popular boy in the school. She also ends up developing conflicting feelings for Zero, the boy who was greeted by the headmaster as she was. The first season revolves around her trying to sort out these feelings.

1 Tokyo Miu Miu is an amazingly heart-wrenching, romantic girl

Tokyo Miu Miu It is another classic magical girl anime. miu miuThe outward appearance – and a lot of the series – is incredibly cute and light in nature. It didn’t get much darker until the later part of the series, mostly in the romance department.

Ichigo Momomiya is an optimistic girl who wants to win over the feelings of her crush, while her girl’s magical powers come from infusing a cat’s DNA. This means that while she is similar to Marinette in character, her powers also make her look like Cat Noir.

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