8 characters that will inspire your next D&D Warlock

Warlock is one of the most interesting chapters in Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition. It’s a newer addition to the game than many other options available, and the patron feature can help create incredibly engaging characters.

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For those looking for a little extra inspiration when creating their magic, there are some great possibilities in modern media that can create unique class twists. Taking a few items from these characters can go a long way toward creating a D&D character, this is fun to play and can create some exciting party dynamics as well.

8 Madoka Magica is the perfect inspiration for magic lovers

The most accurate representation of D & D The wizard in modern fiction comes from an unexpected source, and is the somewhat infamous anime known as The charming girl Madoka Magica. What appears to be a simple magical girl’s story quickly turns into something more sinister.

In Madoka Magica, the main characters form a deal with a supernatural being known as Kyubey who grants them magical girl powers in exchange for their service in fighting witches. This will be the perfect inspiration to create an innocent, bright-eyed character who will curl over their heads when they make a contract with their magical patron.

7 Shazam makes a fun twist on the typical trophy

While DC Comics’ Shazam might not be the most obvious choice in inspiration for a wizard’s character, the idea of ​​a young child making a deal turning him into a powerful hero can be fun and interesting in the chapter’s typical original stories.

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Playing a character like this would probably be best suited to a more subtle campaign where the humor and heroism are plentiful, but for the player looking to turn things around, this can definitely make for a unique and charming change.

6 Yujutsu Kaisen is definitely a magician

Jujutsu Kisen It is one of the most popular anime released in recent years, and its protagonist Yuji Itadori is not only a fun and interesting character, but the perfect inspiration for a magician in dungeons and dragons.

Creating a character who gains strength after consuming a cursed part of a terrible entity will provide a thrilling backstory, and the internal struggle to try to prevent her influence will keep the campaign exciting all the way through.

5 Silver surfer is a harbinger of a powerful entity

Perhaps the best example of a charlatan in service to the Great Old One, Silver Surfer accepts part of the Power Cosmic after agreeing to serve as a harbinger of the global consumer known as Galactus. With the advent of new Spelljammer material for D & D Fifth EditionSilver Surfer is perfect for a space-faring magician.

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What makes the Silver Surfer interesting is that he gains his power in a deal with an apparently evil entity to save his home world, something that can easily be brought into the D & D A game to create a strong but conflicting personality.

4 John Constantine is known to make Faustian bargains

John Constantine may be one of DC’s finest anti-heroes. He’s a man who has consumed his dark past, driven by making deals with demons and worse. But he maintains a moral code that makes him easily sympathize with the public.

This kind of character makes the perfect magician in dungeons and dragons, where turbulent backgrounds are the norm, and having an advantage over a character creates an enjoyable gaming experience. Using dark powers to achieve good goals also adds an element of risk, which can easily create some exciting situations for the party to deal with.

3 The red of the transistor makes the Hexblade interesting

Inspiration often comes from unexpected sources, and the protagonist Red from Supergiant Games’ transistor It offers an unlikely option, but it comes with some interesting possibilities when considering the character’s backstory and structure.

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at transistorRed, a famous singer who survives an assassination attempt and possesses the titular sword, which has sucked the consciousness of a dead man and can talk to her through the blade. This could be an interesting setting for the Hexblade warlock, which probably starts at some levels in the poet to reflect the backstory as a performer.

2 Jack Sparrow signs all kinds of super deals

Expeditions organized on the high seas can be a lot of fun Dungeons and Dragons. While a rogue class might seem the most natural choice for a pirate-type character, for someone looking to recreate it Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow, the wizard class might be more appropriate.

Through the Disney series, Captain Sparrow frequently interacts with powerful supernatural forces, often making deals with them that lead to dire consequences. This could be a fun, exciting (and possibly hilarious) addition to any party.

1 Light Yagami uses the power of Death Note

Those looking to take a darker, more sinister path to their wizard need look no further death notes Light yagami. A young genius finds a magic book that gives him the power to kill anyone he deems undeserved, which could easily inspire a wizard tome’s pact.

This type of character would really be best suited for a sinister campaign, but might be able to blend into a group of neutral or neutral characters just the way Light Yagami did in the anime, hiding their sinister origin for as long as possible. Such a character should definitely be discussed with the Dungeon Master beforehand to ensure it fits into the scope of the game.

Top Characters to Inspire DnD Wizards

D&D: 10 Characters That Inspire Your Next Wizard

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